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Building Directory
1. Academic IV (B-2) 24. Mathematics/Psychology (B-2)
2. Academic Services (B-2) 25. Meyerhoff Chemistry Building (B-2)
3. Administration (B-2) 26. Patapsco Hall (C,D-2)
4. Alumni House (B-1) 27. Physics (C-2)
5. Biological Sciences (B-2) 28. Potomac Hall (D-2)
5a. Biological Sciences Lecture Hall (B-2) 29. Public Policy (C-2)
6. bwtech@UMBC: Incubator and Accelerator (A-3) 30. RWD Applied Technology Laboratory (A-3)
7. bwtech@UMBC: Research and Technology Park (A-3) 31. Resident Dining Hall (C-2)
8. Campus Police (B-1) 32. Retriever Activities Center (RAC) (B-2)
9. Central Plant (B-1) 33. Satellite Utility Plant (D-2)
10. Chemistry Lecture Hall (B-2) 34. Sondheim Hall (B-2)
11. Chesapeake Hall (C-2) 35. Student Development and Success Center (C-2)
12. Child Care Center (D-2) 36. Surge Facility 1 (A-1)
13. The Commons (B,C-2) 37. Susquehanna Hall (C-2)
14. Engineering (B-2) 38. Technology Research Center (TRC) (D-3)
15. Erickson Hall (C-2) 39. Terrace Apartments (C-2)
16. Facilities Management (C, D-3) 40. Theatre (B-2)
17. Fine Arts (B-2) 41. Training Centers (A-2)
18. Greenhouse (B,C-1) 42. University Center (B-2)
19. Harbor Hall (C,D-2) 43. U.S. Geological Survey Water Science Center (A-3)
20. Hillside Apartments (C-2) 44. Walker Avenue Apartments I (C-1)
21. Information Technology/Engineering (B-2) 45. Walker Avenue Apartments II (B-1)
22. Library and Gallery, Albin O. Kuhn (C-2) 46. Warehouse (B-1)
23. Martin Schwartz Hall (B-2) 47. Westhill Apartments (C-1)
Academic Departments and Programs
Administrative and Managerial Sciences (29) (C-2) History (3) (B-2)
Africana Studies (24) (B-2) Information Systems (21) (B-2)
American Studies (17) (B-2) Interdisciplinary Studies (17) (B-2)
Ancient Studies (17) (B-2) Judaic Studies (24) (B-2)
Anthropology (29) (C-2) Management of Aging Services (7) (A-3)
Athletics and Physical Education (32) (B-2) Mathematics and Statistics (24) (B-2)
Biological Sciences (5) (B-2) Mechanical Engineering (14) (B-2)
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (14) (B-2) Modern Languages and Linguistics (1) (B-2)
Chemistry and Biochemistry (25) (B-2) Music (17) (B-2)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (38) (D-3) Philosophy (17) (B-2)
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (21) (B-2) Physics (27) (C-2)
Dance (17) (B-2) Political Science (29) (C-2)
Economics (29) (C-2) Psychology (24) (B-2)
Education (1) (B-2) Public Policy (29) (C-2)
Emergency Health Services (1) (B-2) Religious Studies (3) (B-2)
English (17) (B-2) Social Work (1) (B-2)
Gender and Women's Studies (34) (B-2) Sociology (29) (C-2)
Geography and Environmental Systems (1) (B-2) Theatre (17) (B-2)
Health Administration and Policy (29) (C-2) Visual Arts (17) (B-2)
Lecture Halls
Biological Sciences, LH1 (5a) (B-2) Physics, LH6 (27) (C-2)
Chemistry, LH2 (10) (B-2) Information Technology/Engineering, LH7 (21) (B-2)
Administration, LH3 (3) (B-2) Information Technology/Engineering, LH8 (21) (B-2)
Academic IV, LH4 (1) (B-2) Public Policy, LH9 (29) (C-2)
Engineering, LH5 (14) (B-2)  
Offices and Services
Advisement Center (10) (B-2) Human Resources (3) (B-2)
Admissions (Graduate) (3) (B-2) Information Desk (13) (B,C-2)
Admissions and Orientation (Undergraduate) (22) (C-2) Information Technology Help Desk (14) (B-2)
Alumni Relations (4) (B-1) Interfaith Center (35) (C-2)
Bank, Chevy Chase (13) (B,C-2) International Education Services (3) (B-2)
Bookstore (13) (B,C-2) Learning Resources Center (1) (B-2)
Bursar's/Student Billing (3) (B-2) Off-Campus Student Services (13) (B,C-2)
Business Servies (3) (B-2) Parking Services (16) (C,D-3)
Career Services Center (24) (B-2) Police (8) (B-1)
Central Receiving (46) (C,D-3) President's Office (3) (B-2)
Continuing and Professional Studies (1) (B-2) Procurement (3) (B-2)
Dresher Center for the Humanities (22) (C-2) Public Relations (3) (B-2)
English Language Center (42) (B-2) Registrar's Office (2) (C-2)
Erickson School (7) (A-3) Residential Life (15) (C-2)
Financial Aid and Scholarships (22) (C-2) The Shriver Center (29) (C-2)
Financial Services (3) (B-2) UMBC Training Centers (41) (A-2)
Graduate School (3) (B-2) Women's Center (13) (B,C-2)
Health Services (15) (C-2)  
Honors College (Library, 2nd floor) (22) (C-2)  
The Center for Art, Design & Visual Culture (Fine Arts) (17) (B-2) Recital Hall (Fine Arts) (17) (B-2)
Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park (B-3) Theatre (40) (C-2)
Library Gallery (22) (C-2)  
Pool (32) (B-2)
Stadium (B,C-3)
Retriever Activities Center (RAC) (32) (B-2)
Tennis Courts (32) (B-2)
Visitor Parking Lots
The Commons Garage (B,C-2,3)
Visitor Parking with Meters on Level 1
Student Parking on Upper Levels

Administration Drive Garage (B-2,3)
Visitor Parking with Meters on Upper Level
Gated Faculty/Staff Parking on Lower Level

Walker Avenue Garage (C-2)
Visitor Parking with Meters on Upper Level
Lot 18 (D-3)
Visitor Parking by Permit Only

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