Fall 2003

HONR 100  Honors Forum                                            2 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method: P-F This course is required
          of   all   students  entering  the  Honors
          College   with   fewer  than  30  credits,
          excluding advanced placement credits.  The
          course   willintroduce   students  to  the
          academic  method and tradition  and to the
          pursuit   of  excellence  through  Honors.
          Students   will   interact   with   campus
          researchers  and  creative  artists,  will
          participate   in   service   learning  and
          leadership   development,   will   acquire
          research  and  study skills  applicable to
          their  future endeavors,  and will reflect
          upon what it means to be a full member ofa
          community of learning.
[3237] 0101 M..........4:00pm- 6:00pm (LH2 ...)       MCKUSICK, J

HONR 201  Methods and Materials of Research                       3 credits

(PermReq) Grade   Method:  REG/P-F  Research  is  an
          integral  part of  all academic endeavors.
          This course will provide students with the
          opportunity   to   develop  both  research
          skills  and  knowledge  of  major  library
          resources    in    different   fields   by
          researching      a     topic     in     an
          interdisciplinary  manner.  Students  will
          learn   to   use   print   and  electronic
          resources,   including   online  scholarly
          indexes and the Internet. Students will be
          required  to  develop  a  search strategy,
          select   appropriate   sources,   evaluate
          identified  material, produce an annotated
          bibliography   on   their  topic,  and  to
          present  their  experiences to  the class.
          As  this  course  is  offered  through the
          Honors  College permission  is required by
          them  for non-Honors students. This course
          is cross-listed, and the principal is HONR
          201.  Class  will meet in  Room 259 of the
          Albin O. Kuhn Library.
[3238] 0101 MW.........2:00pm- 3:15pm (TBA)           SULLIVAN, K

HONR 300A General Honors Seminar Questioning the                  3 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method:  REG/P-F  This  seminar  is
          devoted  to  interpretation in  the visual
          and literary arts. Each week there will be
          a  theme  for discussion, such  as: art as
          autobiography  (how  is  life  transformed
          into art?), the comic and the serious (how
          can  comedy  be  used  to  convey  serious
          themes  in art?), the  masterpiece (how do
          we  recognize  one?), art  about art (what
          can works of art teach us about the making
          of  art?),  art  and ethics  (how do works
          compel  us  to  think  more  deeply  about
          ethical  issues?). Our methodology will be
          inductive  rather than  deductive. That is
          to  say,  we  will  start  with individual
          works  of  art,  read them  carefully, and
          probe   them   for   their   philosophical
          implications--asthetic,    ethical,    and
          ontological.  Students  will write  a term
          paper with a thesis that can be defended.
[3239] 0101 TuTh......10:00am-11:15am (MP  012)       SPITZ, E

HONR 300B General Honors Seminar The Bardic VOice in              3 credits
          the Three Ancient Epics                           

(PermReq) Grade  Method:  REG/P-F This  seminar will
          examine  The  Iliad, The  Odyssey, and The
          Aeneid,  three  ancient  epic  poems  that
          contain  much  of  the oirgins  of Western
          thought  and  art. We  will consider these
          works as separate formal constructs and in
          relation  to  each other.  We will explore
          such  things  as the  relationship between
          author   and  audience,  form,  mythology,
          archaeology,   and   the   historical  and
          cultural  milieu  in  which  these ancient
          epics  were  created. ALso  listed as ANCS
[3240] 0101 MW.........8:30am- 9:45am (FH  225)       GLASSER, J

HONR 300C General Honors Seminar Globalization and                3 credits
          World Cities                                      

(PermReq) Grade  Method:  REG/P-F  This  course will
          examine     the    relationship    between
          globalization and cities. The processes of
          economics,    political,    and   cultural
          globalization  are reflected  and embodied
          in  urban  trends. Topics  studied include
          the  creation  of  global  command cities,
          urban      spectacles     and     cultural
          globalization, and the various attempts by
          cities  around the world  to become global
          centers.  Material will be  drawn from the
          urban  experience  around the  world. Also
          listed as GEOG 400A.
[3241] 0101 Tu.........4:00pm- 6:45pm (BS  120)       SHORT, J

HONR 300D General Honors Seminar Technology and                   3 credits

(PermReq) Grade   Method:   REG/P-F   This   seminar
          investigates    the    interplay   between
          technological  development  of  time-based
          media  in  the  arts and  the evolution of
          human  perception.  Relevant  readings and
          visual  and acoustical  examples from both
          the  arts  and  the history  of mass media
          (film,   radio,   television.  video  art,
          computer/Internet) provide the context for
          discussion.   Conceptual   and  perceptual
          change  wrought by the  rapid evolution of
          media in arts during the twentieth century
          will   be   the   primary  focus.  Viewing
          examples  range from  media classics, such
          as  cinemia inventors the Lumier Bros. and
          the early German film Metropolis to modern
          classics--Chris    Marker's    La   Jette,
          Godard's Weekend, Cocteau's Orphee, and on
          to video installations, the early works of
          Nam  June Paik, Bill Viola, and Gary Hill.
          Reading  examples include such writings as
          Marshall   McLuhan's  The  medium  is  the
          massage  and Walter Benjamin's The Work of
          Art  in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
          to   contemporary  writings  such  as  The
          Perfect  Machine--Television and  the Bomb
          by    Joyce   Nelson;   Electronic   Civil
          Disobedience by Critical Art Ensemble, and
          Art  and Artists in  the age of Electronic
          Media  by  Margot Lovejoy.  Also listed as
          ART 392A.
[3242] 0101 TuTh.......1:00pm- 2:15pm (FA  207)       STURGEON, J

HONR 300E General Honors Seminar English Romantic                 3 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method: REG/P-F/AUD Class will meet
          in  LIB  216F.  Also  listed as  ENGL 405.
          Enrollment  in this seminar  is limited to
          participants   in  the  Wordsworth  Summer
          Program. Also listed as ENGL 405.
[3243] 0101 MW.........5:30pm- 6:45pm (TBA)           MCKUSICK, J

HONR 300F General Honors Seminar History and Culture              3 credits
          of France                                         

(PermReq) Grade  Method:  REG/P-F/AUD  Enrollment in
          this seminar is limited to participants in
          the Honors College Study Travel Program.
[3244] 0101 Time and room to be arranged              MCKUSICK, J

HONR 300G General Honors Seminar When Worlds Collide              3 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method:  REG/P-F/AUD  In  the  late
          eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries,
          America, France and Greece all experienced
          political   revolutions   that   marked  a
          fundamental  break  with the  recent past.
          Individuals  such as  Thomas Jefferson and
          Napoleon  Bonaparte were directly involved
          in those revolutions, but at the same time
          they were actively and deeply engaged with
          the  distant past.  Earlier excavations at
          Pompeii  and Herculaneum  had revealed how
          much  of  the  past the  earth might still
          hold;  those excavations  also represented
          the  birth  of scientific  archaeology and
          they  even contributed  to the development
          of Charles Lyell's geological theories. In
          America,    Thomas    Jefferson    himself
          excavated   a  prehistoric  burial  mound,
          while  Charles Willson Peale recovered the
          skeleton  of a mastodon  that he displayed
          in   the   New   World's   first   museum.
          Napoleon's  invasion  of Egypt  led to the
          discovery  and decipherment of the Rosetta
          Stone   and  sparked  the  first  wave  of
          Egyptomania  that  was  to sweep  over the
          western  world.  Traditional  education in
          the  Classics and Romantic poetry together
          inspired  young men from  both England and
          America to measure, accurately record, and
          restore  ancient  architecture,  to search
          for   (and  appropriate)  classical  Greek
          statues, and to fight in the Greek War for
          Independence.   In  this seminar,  we will
          explore  the exploration of  the past that
          took  place  during an  age of revolution,
          romanticism  and rediscovery. Our approach
          will  be interdisciplinary;  our goal will
          be  to learn about pioneers in rediscovery
          who   lived  in  an  age  that  saw  great
          progress both in the humanities and in the
[3245] 0101 TuTh.......7:00pm- 8:15pm (FA  006)       MASON, R

HONR 300J General Honors Seminar Literature of the                3 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method: REG/P-F/AUD  An examination
          of   the   experiences  of  the  Holocaust
          through    works    of    poetry,   drama,
          autobiography,film, and/or the novel. Most
          of  the selections relate the Holocaust as
          it  was  experienced,  after  the  writers
          translated  those  experiences  into  art,
          making   their   personal  tragedies  into
          recognizable  truths.  Prerequisite:  JDST
          274 or another course in twentieth-century
          European  History.   Also  listed  as JDST
          320H and ENGL348H.
[3246] 0101 W..........4:30pm- 7:00pm (MP  103)       GOLDENBERG, M

HONR 300K General Honors Seminar Performance in                   3 credits

(PermReq) Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD Anthropologists,
          semanticists,  and  artists in  all genres
          are   actively  exploring  the  notion  of
          "performance"  through  academic discourse
          and  public presentation. What was thought
          to constitute performance has moved beyond
          the  stage  and screen(s)  into galleries,
          stadiums,    and    the    street.   After
          researching   and  discussing  aspects  of
          performance theory, students will attend a
          variety  of  events and visit  a number of
          sites  in Baltimore that exhibit different
          aspects   of  performance.  Students  will
          discuss and write about their responses to
          these  various experiences, and complete a
          project  in  which,  individually or  as a
          group,  they create a performance of their
[3247] 0101 W..........2:30pm- 5:00pm (THTR117)       KREIZENBECK, A

HONR 390  Reflections on Community Service                      3-4 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method:  REG  This  course provides
          opportunities   for   reflection   on  the
          principles  and  techniques  of  community
          service.  It introduces  students to basic
          methods   of   community  service,  offers
          background in the cultural, political, and
          social  contexts of community service, and
          serves as a forum for discussion of issues
          surrounding  civic  engagement  and social
          responsibility.  Students  apply  concepts
          and   skills   they   develop   to  actual
          experiences    in    community    service.
          Permission   required   from  the  Shriver
          Center and Honors College.
[3248] 0101 Time and room to be arranged              MCKUSICK, J

HONR 400  Honors Independent Study                              1-4 credits

(PermReq) Grade Method: REG/P-F Independent study or
          research  under the guidance  of a faculty
          mentor.  Courseguidelines are available in
          the   Honors   College.   This  course  is
          repeatable for a maximum of eight credits.
          Prerequistes:    Junior    standing    and
          permission of the Honors College.
[3249] 0101 Time and room to be arranged              LASHER, L

HONR 410  Honors Internship                                     1-4 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method: REG/P-F  This course offers
          academic credit for an internship or other
          applied   learning  experience.  For  each
          credit  hour,  student  interns  perform 3
          hours  per week of  supervised tasks for a
          business,    government,   or   non-profit
          agency.  This  course  is repeatble  for a
          maximum  of  8 credits.  Prerequistes: One
          college-level writng course and permission
          of the Honors College.
[3250] 0101 Time and room to be arranged              MCKUSICK, J

HONR 490  Senior Honors Project                                 1-4 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method:  REG/P-F A  formal research
          paper,  an  extended  essay,  a  report of
          experimental  research,  a  performance or
          other  creative effort that represents the
          outcome  of  anindependent  project  by  a
          member  of the  Honors College. Permission
          to  register  will  be  granted  after the
          student   submits   a   written  statement
          describing  the  proposed  Honors project,
          which  is  then  approved and  signed by a
          faculty  mentor  and  the  Honors  College
          course   director.  Prerequisites:  Senior
          standing  and  permission  of  the  Honors
[3251] 0101 Time and room to be arranged              LASHER, L

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