Spring 2003

HONR 101  Honors Forum II                                          1 credit

(PermReq) Grade  Method: P-F This course is required
          of   all   students  entering  the  Honors
          College  in Fall 2002,  or Spring 2003. It
          complements   the   introduction   to  the
          academic life of UMBC begun in Honors 100.
          An  added feature of HONR  101 will be the
          reading  and analysis of  a literary text,
          which  this  year will be  Walden by Henry
          David    Thoreau.   The   book   will   be
          distributed   at   the  end  of  the  Fall
          semester  and students  will begin reading
          during Winter break. Generally, the course
          will   meet  every  other  week;  at  each
          meeting  a  segment  of  the book  will be
          discussed.  As in HONR  100, students will
          be  responsible for  various co-curricular
[3139] 0101 M..........4:00pm- 6:00pm (LH2 ...)       MCKUSICK, J

HONR 300A General Honors Seminar Freud as Literature              3 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method:  REG/P-F/AUD  It  could  be
          argued  that  only  Albert Einstein  had a
          greater  impact in ways  ofthinking in the
          twentieth   century  than  Sigmund  Freud.
          Freud,   in   addition   to   orgininating
          theories     that     altered     people's
          understanding  of  their  inner  lives  of
          their  behavior,  was a  superb writer. In
          1930,  the  decade  of  his death,  he was
          awarded  the Goethe  Prize for Literature.
          We will study a set of hiskey writings (in
          the  Strachey translation into English) as
          primary   texts.    Wewill   read  closely
          through  some  of  his  most  famous  case
          histories and focus on essays that bear on
          culture--on art and literature especially.
[3140] 0101 Tu.........4:30pm- 7:00pm (FH  225)       SPITZ, E

HONR 300C General Honors Seminar The Anti-Hero in                 3 credits
          Europe and America                                

(PermReq) Grade  Method:  REG/P-F/AUD  Early  in the
          nineteenth  century, many European writers
          pointed out what they perceived as serious
          faults with the modern world, a world that
          they and their characters rejected because
          they  found  it  crass  and  dehumanizing.
          These  writers felt  isolated, angry, and,
          at  the same time,  often jealous of those
          who      mindlessly      accepted      and
          unquestioningly  followed the conventional
          values     of    their    society.    Thus
          Existentialism   was  born  and  continues
          today.   This   course   will   trace  the
          development  of the  anti-hero in European
          and  American  fiction.  We  willread  and
          discuss   works   by   Gogol,  Dostoevski,
          Tolstoi,   Kafka,   Camus,   Malamus,  and
[3141] 0101 TuTh......10:00am-11:15am (FH  225)       GLASSER, J

HONR 300D General Honors Seminar Science,                         3 credits
          Mathematics, and Technology in the Ancient        

(PermReq) Grade  Method: REG/P-F/AUD  Also listed as
          ANCS 350H. For course description see ANCS
[3142] 0101 TuTh.......7:00pm- 8:15pm (FA  006)       MASON, R

HONR 300F General Honors Seminar The American                     3 credits
          Response to Terrorism                             

(PermReq) Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD The seminar will
          begin  by  considering  how  terrorism  is
          defined,       classifying       terrorist
          organizations   by   type,  and  examining
          terrorist  goals  and  strategies.  In the
          second  part  of the  seminar, following a
          brief  overview ofAmerican terrorism, each
          student  will select  a terrorist incident
          and  do a case study of its impact. Topics
          will  include  the  effect  on  the public
          opinion and lifestyle, media coverage, and
          law  enforcement response.  Also listed as
          SOCY 397A.
[3143] 0101 MW.........3:30pm- 4:45pm (SS  105)       HEWITT, C

HONR 300G General Honors Seminar From Spies to                    3 credits
          Satallites: Intelligence in the Post-Cold         
          War Era                                           

(PermReq) Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD The objective of
          this  seminar is to  investigate the past,
          present,  and  future of  U.S. and Russian
          intelligence agencies. The end of the Cold
          War fundamentally altered the scenario for
          U.S.  and Soviet security.  No longer does
          each  of  these anatagonists  consider the
          other  to  be its mortal  enemy. The focus
          and  agenda  of the  intelligence agencies
          have  changed significantly.  This seminar
          will  examine  changes  in  the  role  and
          function  of the CIA,  NSA, KGB, and other
          intelligence   agencies,  with  particular
          attention  to the emergence of new threats
          to  the World Order and  the impact of the
          new  information technology. Students will
          survey  a variety  of information sources,
          including  books,  news  media, government
          reports,   the  Internet,  and  electronic
          media.  Interviews with retired and active
          duty  personnel  from  theU.S.  and Soviet
          intelligence agencies will be encouraged.
[3144] 0101 MW.........2:00pm- 3:15pm (FH  225)       SINSKY, J

HONR 300J General Honors Seminar Death and Dying                  3 credits

(PermReq) Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD This course is a
          broad   interdisciplinary   approach  that
          examines  the  theoretical,  philosophical
          and  social  origins  of past  and present
          death   attitudes   and  behavior.  Topics
          include  death throughout  the life cycle,
          suicide,     euthanasia,     grief     and
          bereavement,   funeral  customs,  and  the
          impact  of  religion and  culture on death
          perspectives.   The  primary  goal  of the
          course is to enrich lives through thinking
          and  feeling  about  the meaning  of life.
          Students   will   confront  death  through
          lectures,  discussions, readings, personal
          thoughts,  and  projects. The  course will
          help  students look at dyingand death with
          new  insight in an  atmosphere of personal
          growth.   Prerequisite:   EHS  200  or  an
          introductory   social  science  course  or
          permission  of the instructor. Also listed
          as EHS 345H.
[3145] 0101 TuTh.......1:00pm- 2:15pm (MP  012A)      SMITH, T

HONR 300L General Honors Seminar Dyanmics of the                  3 credits
          Arab-Israeli Conflict                             

(PermReq) Grade  Method: REG/P-F/AUD  Also listed as
          JDST   490H  and  POLI  489H.  For  course
          description see POLI 489B.
[3146] 0101 W..........4:30pm- 7:00pm (MP  101)       FREEDMAN, R

HONR 390A Reflections on Community Service                        4 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method:  REG  This  course provides
          opportunities   for   reflection   on  the
          principles  and  techniques  of  community
          service.  It introduces  students to basic
          methods   of   community  service,  offers
          background in the cultural, political, and
          social  contexts of community service, and
          serves as a forum for discussion of issues
          surrounding  civic  engagement  and social
          responsibility.  Students  will  apply the
          concepts and skills they develop to actual
          experiences  in  community  service.  This
          section   of   the   course  will  provide
          training  and experience in adult literacy
          tutoring.  Permission  required  from  the
          Shriver  Center  and Honors  College. Also
          listed as ENGL 386.
[7544] 0101 M..........3:30pm- 4:45pm (FA  015)       MCCARTHY, L

HONR 390B Reflections on Community Service                      1-4 credits

(PermReq) Grade Method: REG Permission required from
          the Shriver Center and the Honors College.
          This   section  will  enroll  students  in
          individual community service placements.
[7545] 0101 Time and room to be arranged              MCKUSICK, J

HONR 410  Honors Internship                                     1-4 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method: REG/P-F  This course offers
          academic credit for an internship or other
          applied   learning  experience.  For  each
          credit  hour,  student  interns  perform 3
          hours  per  week  of supervised  tasks for
          business,    government,   or   non-profit
          agency.Interships     are     individually
          arranged  with the sponsoring agency. This
          courseis  repeatable  for  a maximum  of 8
          credits.  Prerequisite:  One college-level
          writing   course  and  permission  of  the
          Honors College.
[7528] 0101 Time and room to be arranged              MCKUSICK, J

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