Visual & Performing Arts

Spring 2006

VPA 121H  Introduction to the Arts II                              1 credit

(PermReq) Grade Method: P-F
[6090] 0101 F..........1:00pm- 2:15pm (ITE 227)       RUBIN, A

VPA 225   Ideas in the Arts (AH)                                  3 credits

          Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD
          GFR/GER:Meets A/H. GDR:Meets H.
[6091] 0101 F..........2:00pm- 4:30pm (FA  015)       MILAD, J
[7778] 0102 Th.........7:10pm- 9:40pm (FA  215)       MILAD, J

VPA 325   Contemporary Art in Process                             3 credits

(PermReq) Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD
[6093] 0201 F.........10:00am-10:50am (FA  006)       BOAZ, H
            W..........7:10pm- 9:40pm (FA  306) DIS
[6094] 0301 F..........9:00am- 9:50am (FA  006)       BOAZ, H
            W..........7:10pm- 9:40pm (FA  306) DIS

VPA 410   Capstone Project in InterArts Studies                 1-6 credits

(PermReq) Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD
[6095] 0101 Time and room to be arranged              RUBIN, A

VPA 488   Topics in InterArts Studies Acoustemology               3 credits

(PermReq) Grade   Method:   REG   The   course  will
          introduce  students  to  the  practice  of
          "deep  listening,"  acoustic  ecology  and
          other  practices such  as soundwalks which
          will  enhance awareness of the surrounding
          {noisy}  sonic environment.   The analysis
          of  field  recordings by  the students and
          artists,  sonic walks and various readings
          with attention to hearing will enhance the
          students  understanding of a  sonic way of
          knowing  a  place,  a way  of attending to
          hearing, a way of absorbing an envionment.
          Projects  such  as The  Sonic Memorial and
          World  Soundscape Project will  be used as
          model    for    understanding    our   own
          environment  and  the  complex  urban  and
          suburban  soundscape  as  a  language  the
          student  will learn. Students will work in
          collaboration  with  one  another  in  the
          course and with a group of students from a
          local high school or community college. As
          a  means of documenting the process of the
          course an audio blog will be set up, which
          will be accessible by cell phone. Students
          and  outside  participants  will  have the
          ability   to  use  their  cell  phones  to
          capture  specific  sonic  moments, logging
          and  mapping  place through  a sound file.
          The  website documents the  process of the
          students exploration in their environment.
          Students  will  also be  introduced to the
          potential   of   setting   up   a  Podcast
          compilation,  which  will be  available to
          national and international audiences.
[7714] 0101 TuTh.......3:00pm- 4:50pm (ACIV202)       BRADLEY, S

VPA 498   Independent Study in InterArts Studies                  3 credits
          Independent Study in InterArts Studies            

(PermReq) Grade Method: REG
[7715] 0101 Time and room to be arranged              RUBIN, A

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