First Year Seminar

Spring 2008

General Education Info: GFR | GEP (for students starting Fall 2007)

FYS 102D  Investigating Everyday Problems and Their               3 credits
          Current IT                                        

          Grade Method: REG
          GEP/GFR:Meets  SS.   The  purpose  of this
          course  is  to  provide  students  with an
          opportunity   to   study  some  real-world
          problems   and  to  see  how  research  is
          carried  out  on  those problems  at UMBC.
          This  course will  concentrate on problems
          currently  being studied by members of the
          CSEE   Department,   but   the  course  is
          interdisciplinary   in   nature   so   the
          problems  researched will  vary in subject
          matter tremendously.
[2971] 0101 TuTh.......2:30pm- 3:45pm (ACIV210)       EVANS, S

FYS 102E  What Should Government Do? Exploring the                3 credits
          Interplay of                                      

          Grade Method: REG
          GEP/GFR:Meets  SS.  Most of  our time will
          be  spent  reading,  writing,  and talking
          about  how  multidisciplinary perspectives
          provide  sometimes  compatible,  sometimes
          conflicting  insights into  crucial issues
          facing  us  as citizens.  Students will be
          expected  to  think critically  about what
          government  does  and does not  do, and to
          share  their discoveries, assessments, and
          questions with the class.
[2972] 0101 MW.........4:00pm- 5:15pm (ACIV145)       BRENNAN, T

FYS 102G  Sexuality, Health and Human Rights                      3 credits

          Grade Method: REG
          GEP/GFR:Meets  SS.   Students  will become
          sensitized  to views on  sexual rights and
          the   reasons/justifications   for   these
          various perspectives. In this process they
          will  learn how to critique social science
          research,     evaluate    strengths    and
          weaknesses of this research, and
[2973] 0101 TuTh.......1:00pm- 2:15pm (PUP 203)       LOTTES, I

FYS 103I  Dynamics of Problem Solving                             3 credits

          Grade Method: REG
          GEP/GFR:Meets  M.  Through the use of case
          studies  and discussion students will work
          independently  and  in  groups  to analyze
          selected  problems  in order  to determine
          reasonable  solutions.  We will  examine a
          variety   of  different  ways  of  solving
          problems,  how problems are perceived, and
          the   variability   of   the   success  of
          different  models in different situations.
          Prerequisite:  Appropriate  score  on  the
          Math placement
[2974] 0101 MW.........2:30pm- 3:45pm (FA  530)       CARMI, S

FYS 103J  Exploring Examples from Mathematical                    3 credits

          Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD
          GEP/GFR:Meets   M.    This   course   will
          investigate  several examples in which the
          quantitative  sciences  have  impacted the
          life  sciences. Examples will include: the
          predator    prey   equations,   infectious
          disease  and epidemiology,  and population
          genetics.  The goal of the course would be
          to demonstrate the interplay between these
          two  different areas  through examples and
          identify  students  who are  interested in
          pursuing  an  interdisciplinary  education
          that   includes   both   the  quantitative
          sciences    and    the    life   sciences.
          Prerequisite:  Placement score  above MATH
          106  or  completion  of  a  college  level
          course equivalent to MATH 106.
[7780] 0101 MWF.......10:00am-10:50am (MP  401)       HOFFMAN, K

FYS 104A  Intercultural Exploration through Film                  3 credits

(PermReq) Grade Method: REG
          GEP/GFR:Meets C.
[7906] 0101 Th.........4:30pm- 7:00pm (ACIV219)       BELL, A

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