Summer 2005

ART 211   Visual Concepts II/Camera Vision                        3 credits
Introduces the visual art major to creating still images via a camera. Formal and technical issues connected to camera operation, two-dimensional design, lighting, framing and introduction to chemistry photography will be covered. Through assignments, theoretical readings and historical examples, issues connected to the apparatus of the camera as a recording device also will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on developing a vocabulary for talking about images and on the ability to think critically about images. This course also will serve as introduction to using the computer as a tool for manipulating images. There is no prerequisite. For more information contact cathomps@umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG
[0025] 7040 Meets 07/11/2005 - 08/05/2005             THOMPSON, C
            TuThF......1:00pm- 4:10pm (FA  402)

ART 214   Drawing I/Beginning Drawing                             3 credits
This introductory course in drawing develops skills in observational and conceptual drawing as an expressive medium. Various drawing materials, methods, and subjects will be explored in order to develop perceptual skills and eye-hand coordination. Drawing concepts such as quality and variation of line, composition, mass, value, perspective, and texture will be explored. The class will also spend time drawing from the human figure. Attention will be paid to 1) historical and current practices, 2) the activity or practice of drawing, 3) and the content or subject matter of what is drawn. For more information contact (6060): sgardner@umbc.edu; (7060) nohe@umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG
[0026] 6060 Meets 05/31/2005 - 07/08/2005             GARDNER, S
            MW.........6:00pm- 9:10pm (FA  110C)
[0027] 7060 Meets 07/11/2005 - 08/19/2005             NOHE, T
            TuTh.......1:00pm- 4:10pm

ART 359   Topics in Photography Pinhole Photography               3 credits
Pinhole artists translate the world through a unique style with simpler technology that invites manipulation and invention. Without the trappings of modern equipment to burden your understanding, you will confront photography from the basics on up. With this new knowledge you will build a portfolio of images in an innovative approach that will hopefully broaden and extend the ways you make images in the future. This course is open to students concentrating in any area of the Department of Visual Arts. Course is repeatable for a total of six credits. Prerequisite: ART 211 and permission of the instructor is required. For more information contact peregoy@umbc.edu.
(PermReq) Grade Method: REG
[0028] 7060 Meets 07/11/2005 - 08/19/2005             PEREGOY, C
            TuTh.......6:00pm- 9:10pm (FA  402)

ART 388   Art on the Internet                                     3 credits
This class addresses the history and culture of the Internet and explores the World Wide Web as an artist's domain for publication and expressive creation. Special emphasis will be placed upon defining the differences between client side and server side creations, and how these affect the content that can be provided by an artist. It also emphasizes the evolution of multimedia into hypermedia, through the usage of client/server tools, web services and programming languages. Note: Some HTML or any scripting/programming experience preferable. For more information see http://userpages.umbc.edu/~echeverr/ or contact echeverry@umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG/AUD
[0029] 6080 Meets 05/31/2005 - 07/22/2005             Echeverry, S
            TuTh.......1:00pm- 3:20pm (FA  112)

ART 392A  Topics in Art or Media I Designing Web                  3 credits
Introduces Visual Arts students to the history, theory, and practice of Web design and development. Students learn the critical analysis skills necessary to evaluate Web interfaces based on the principles of visual design, information design, content, usability, functionality, and interactivity. Technical skills will be developed as students explore programming techniques and commercial software used to develop current Web applications, including HTML, JavaScript, and Dreamweaver. Students will apply these technical skills--with their knowledge of typographic and visual forms--to plan, design, and build effective Web spaces. Prerequisite: Completion of ART 332 and ART 333 and/or permission of the instructor. For more information contact ivy@umbc.edu.
(PermReq) Grade Method: REG/P-F
[0030] 6060 Meets 05/31/2005 - 07/08/2005             IVY, J
            MW.........6:00pm- 9:10pm (FA  112)

ART 492   Topics in Art or Media II Aesthetics,                   3 credits
          Ethical Values and the New Media                  
Addresses basic questions in aesthetics and how those issues interface with questions of ethical value that have been intensified and complicated with new developments in technology. Aesthetic issues such as what is beautiful, what is art and what is the aesthetic experience will be discussed in relation to classic historical texts from Plato and Aristotle to Kant and selected 20th- century aestheticians. Important in this regard are questions of how what is beautiful gave way to considerations to taste and ultimately what is the nature of the aesthetic experience. Continues with such topics as who decides what is beautiful (e.g., insider vs. outsider art), who owns art (e.g., Native American artifacts "collected" for museums, graffiti, digitized art), the authenticity of the art object and if art has an ethical value (political art, pornography, representation and aestheticization of violence in art, Nazi film, etc.) Note: Also listed as MUSC 480 and VPA 301. Prerequisite: A 200-level course in student's area of concentration and permission of the instructor. For more information contact airubin@umbc.edu.
(PermReq) Grade  Method: REG THIS  IS A CROSS-LISTED
          COURSE WITH VPA 301.
[0031] 6060 Meets 05/31/2005 - 07/08/2005             RUBIN, A
            TuTh.......9:00am-12:10pm (FA  015)

ART 494   Internship                                            1-6 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method: P-F  Individual Instruction
          course:  contact department  or instructor
          to obtain section number.

ART 495   Independent Studio Research                           1-6 credits

(PermReq) Grade   Method:   REG/P-F/AUD   Individual
          Instruction  course: contact department or
          instructor to obtain section number.

ART 799   Graduate Thesis Exhibition                            1-8 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method: P-F  Individual Instruction
          course:  contact department  or instructor
          to obtain section number.

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