Women's Studies

Summer 2005

WMST 310  Gender and Inequality in America (AH)                   3 credits
An examination of the ways in which sex roles and gender relations are constructed and experienced in American society. The course explores the development of women's sphere, denoting women's position in the family and home; cultural definitions of femininity and masculinity through mass media, education and other agencies of socialization; the relationship between wage-earning and household work; and feminist consciousness and politics. Special attention is paid to the ways in which gender-based experiences are divided by other social relations, particularly those of class, race, sexual orientation and age. Note: Also listed as AMST 310.
          Grade Method: REG
          GFR/GER:Meets   A/H.  GDR:Meets  H.   THIS
          COURSE WILL BE HELD IN FA 018.
[0502] 6060 Meets 05/31/2005 - 07/08/2005             STAFF
            TuTh.......1:00pm- 4:10pm

WMST 322  Women and the Media: Myths, Images, and                 3 credits
          Voices (AH).                                      
In this course, we will define media and examine diverse and complex modes of communication. We will analyze images of women in the media in terms of race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender. As consumers and producers of media, we will become a critical media audience, increasing our media literacy. This course will explore careers for women in the media. We will utilize the media as tools for activism in empowering women on local and global levels, and we will research how others are using the media to create positive change for women. Note: Also listed as AFST 347, ENGL 322 and MLL 322. For more information contact jodik@umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG/P-F
          GFR/GER:Meets A/H. GDR:Meets H.
[0503] 6060 Meets 05/31/2005 - 07/08/2005             KELBER-KAYE, J
            MW.........9:00am-12:10pm (FA  015)

WMST 353  Marriage and the Family (SS)                            3 credits
Marriage and family as social institutions. Primary relationships in marriage, their development in courtship, formalization in marriage and extension to children. The course draws on materials from related disciplines, as well as from sociology. Special emphasis on marriage and change in sex roles in modern societies. Note: Also listed as SOCY 353. Prerequisite: SOCY 101 or ANTH 211. For more information contact servatiu@umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD
          GFR/GER:Meets  SS. GDR:Meets S.  THIS IS A
[0504] 6060 Meets 05/31/2005 - 07/08/2005             SERVATIUS, N
            TuTh.......1:00pm- 4:10pm (PUP 206)

WMST 356  The Psychology of Sex Differences                       3 credits
An examination of the psychology and biology of sex differences. The major focus of the course is an examination of the psychological and social factors that lead to the development of both sex differences and similarities in behavior. While physiological and animal data are discussed where appropriate, the primary concern is the consideration of the human organism. Note: Also listed as PSYC 356. Prerequisite: Seven credits in psychology or consent of instructor and Internet access for selected class work. For more information contact eobrien@umbc.edu.
          Grade  Method: REG THIS  IS A CROSS-LISTED
          COURSE WITH PSYC 356.
[0505] 7060 Meets 07/11/2005 - 08/19/2005             O'BRIEN, E
            TuTh.......9:00am-12:10pm (PUP 206)

WMST 364  Perspectives on Women in Literature (AH)                3 credits
Reading and analysis of literature by or about women. The course intends to familiarize students both with major women writers and with ways in which women have been portrayed in literature by both women and men. Attention also will be paid to the development of a female literary tradition. Readings will include works by such writers as Charlotte Brontė, Henry James, Virginia Woolf, Kate Chopin, Edith Wharton, William Faulkner, Zora Neale Hurston, Adrienne Rich and Toni Morrison. The course's emphases are aesthetic and thematic; attention is paid to the works as imaginative writing and as social documents depicting women's experience. Note: Also listed as ENGL 364. Prerequisite: A prior literature course or consent of instructor. For more information contact blackeyedpea74@yahoo.com.
          Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD
          GFR/GER:Meets A/H. GDR:Meets H.
[0506] 6060 Meets 05/31/2005 - 07/08/2005             Brown, S
            TuTh.......9:00am-12:10pm (ACIV015)

WMST 401  Special Projects in Women's Studies                   1-3 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method: REG  Individual Instruction
          course:  contact department  or instructor
          to obtain section number.

WMST 601  Directed Independent Study                              3 credits

(PermReq) Grade  Method: REG  Individual Instruction
          course:  contact department  or instructor
          to obtain section number.

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