Computer Science

Winter 2003

CMSC 232  Advanced Java Techniques                                2 credits
Advanced programming techniques in Java are presented. The use of networking, threaded programs and techniques for object reflection and persistence are discussed in class and will be the motivation for homework assignments. Additional topics include distributed computation facilities in Java including remote method invocation (RMI). Distributed service architectures like Jini as well as space-based computation in JavaSpaces are also examined. As time permits Java Security issues will be presented. Prerequisite: CMSC 202 or equivalent. Basic Java programming experience recommended. For more information see www.gl.umbc.edu/~vick/291AdvancedJavaTopics or contact vick@csee.umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD
[0013] 9101 MWTh.......6:00pm- 9:10pm (ACIV013)       VICK, S

CMSC 291  Special Topics in Computer Science                      2 credits
          Programming in Lisp                               
A first course on programming in the lisp language family. ANSI common lisp will be the primary dialect used. Topics include: lisp history, lisp data types (including symbols, lists, arrays, structures and objects), standard control structures, input and output, functions, and macros. Bottom up programming, functional programming, imperative programming, and object-oriented programming in lisp. Memory management, profiling and degugging in the lisp environment. Concrete versus abstract syntax and program representation will also be discussed. A brief comparative survey of modern programming languages will be included as a point of reference. At the end of the course students should feel comfortable exploring lisp on their own and using it for small to medium sized projects. This course assumes at least CMSC 202 equavalent in some other programming language or permission of the instructor. For more information see www.cs.umbc.edu/~jkukla1/cmsc291 or contact kukla@umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG
[0014] 9101 TuWTh......6:00pm- 9:10pm (ACIV011)       KUKLA, J

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