American Studies

Winter 2005

AMST 100  Ideas and Images in American Culture (AH)               3 credits
A broad introduction to the study of American culture, past and present. The course focuses upon primary ideas that have been most influential in the development of American culture and their expression in various forms, written and visual. Special emphasis is placed upon tensions between the individual and society and upon the relationship of culture to subcultures. For more information contact dsnyder@wam.umd.edu.
          Grade Method: REG
          GFR/GER:Meets A/H. GDR:Meets H.
[0001] 9101 MTuW.......9:00am-12:10pm (FA  015)       SNYDER, D

AMST 320  Television in American Culture (AH)                     3 credits
An examination of the economic, social and artistic implications of television in the United States. Elements considered include television as a corporate structure, with emphasis on rating systems, programming philosophies and strategies, and demographic considerations; particular genres portrayed within daytime and prime-time television; sociological and psychological impact of television on American society; and television as a popular art. For more information contact hummel@wam.umd.edu.
          Grade Method: REG/P-F
          GFR/GER:Meets A/H. GDR:Meets H.
[0002] 9101 MTuW.......1:00pm- 4:10pm (FA  015)       HUMMEL, M

AMST 357A Special Topics in Communications, Media,                3 credits
          and the Arts The Road Movie:                      
          Representations of Mobility in American           
Mobility and travel are central to the meanings of American culture and history. America encompasses many narratives of mobility, such as a melting pot of immigrants, a classless society of upwardly mobile individuals, the land of the frontier, and the Wild West. The road serves as a central symbol of these narratives and their complex and contradictory meanings. This class explores the complicated representations of America found in the road and the road movie. The American Studies methods of material culture/cultural landscape analysis, film analysis, and critical thinking/writing are used to explore the films and readings. For more information contact nking@umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG
[0003] 9101 MTuW.......9:00am-12:10pm (ITE 237)       KING, P

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