Winter 2006

SCI 100   Water; An Interdisciplinary Study (MS)                  3 credits
HYBRID COURSE - An interdisciplinary lab science experience that integrates biology, chemistry, earth sciences and physics into a single, three-credit course with a unifying theme of water. Five modules are identified: water quality, unique physical and chemical properties of water, water and life, water in the earth's environment, water and policy. Students will attend class and lab twice per week, and have one online class meeting per week. The online classes include virtual field trips and lab experiences as well as pertinent course content. Students are expected to participate regularly on Blackboard discussion groups, for both lecture activities, and for the development, implementation and presentation of a group research project. Regular access to a computer with an internet connection is a requirement. This course is intended for non-science majors, and it satisfies the GFR graduation requirement for a laboratory-based science course. For more information contact readel@umbc.edu for section 9151 or sheckeld@umbc.edu for section 9152.
          Grade Method: REG
          GFR:Meets  Biol/PhySci plus lab. GER:Meets
          MS. GDR:Meets M.
[0066] 9151 TuTh.......9:00am-12:10pm (PHYS111)       READEL, K
            W..........9:00am-12:10pm (WEB ...) LAB
[7588] 9152 TuTh.......1:00pm- 4:10pm (PHYS111)       SHECKELLS, D
            W..........1:00pm- 4:10pm (WEB ...) LAB

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