Modern Lang & Linguistics

Winter 2007

MLL 190   The World of Language I (AH)                            3 credits
Language as a distinctive characteristic of the human species. In this course, we examine the structure of both written and spoken forms of language across cultures, comparing them with animal communication and human gestural systems. We explore language’s neurological basis, theories of origin, and first- and second-language learning. Note: MLL 190 is required for the MLL major. Also listed as ENGL and LING 190. Highly recommended: MLL 191. For more information contact westphal@umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD
          GFR/GER:Meets A/H. GDR:Meets H.
[0044] 9101 MTuTh......1:00pm- 4:10pm (ACIV150)       WESTPHAL, G

MLL 225   Iranian Cultures (C)                                    3 credits
The course will address the general concept of culture in the context of social, intellectual, artistic, spiritual, and everyday systems defining Iranian life. The students will read from several books, listen to Persian music, view Iranian movies, taste the cuisine, read translated poetry books, and learn conversational Persian language. They also examine Iranian magazines and newspapers, and will benefit from weekly discussions. The course will broaden their understanding of culture in general, and Iranian culture in specific. For more information contact olia@umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG
          GFR/GER:Meets C. GDR:Not applicable.
[0045] 9101 MWTh.......6:00pm- 9:10pm (ACIV014)       OLIA, N

MLL 230   World Language Communities (C)                          3 credits
A course designed to expand the cultural awareness of students by introducing them to the study of language in a broad context of historical, political and social issues. Special emphasis is placed on the question of bi- or multi-lingual states and on the explosiveness of the language issue in many regions. Taught in English. Note: Also listed as ANTH 297. For more information contact ka@umbc.edu.
          Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD
          GFR/GER:Meets C. GDR:Not applicable.
[0046] 9101 MTuTh......9:00am-12:10pm (ACIV145)       KA, O

MLL 344   Literature and the Other Arts Languages of              3 credits
A study of the relationship between literature and music, film and the fine arts, with an emphasis on common concerns, solutions and terminology. We watch films all the time, but do you really have anything to say about them? Why would a director use a pan over a tilt? How did the mise-en-scene of a film make it funnier, scarier or more romantic? What is a tracking shot or a plan americain? Film has its own language. This course will offer the basic vocabulary for talking and writing about film. It will explore why understanding film is different than understanding a novel. This is an introductory course to the vocabulary and conventions of filmmaking and writing. We will cover a variety of genres and time periods to offer an overview of the classics of cinema and what made these films innovative. Note: May be repeated once for credit with permission of the advisor. Also listed as ENGL 316 and MLL 344. Prerequisite: Completion of a 200-level literature course with a grade of “C” or better.
          Grade Method: REG
[0047] 9101 TuWTh......1:00pm- 4:10pm (ITE 229)       NEWMAN-SAUL, E

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