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The UMBC Noyce Scholars Program is a five-year $750,000 National Science Foundation funded project to recruit and support undergraduate STEM majors to pursue careers in secondary (Middle and High school) teaching. The program targets undergraduate STEM majors nearing the conclusion of their sophomore year who may not have previously considered careers in teaching. The program's primary strategy for recruitment is to offer two free education courses (totaling 6 credit hours) during the summer prior to the start of their junior year.

At the conclusion of the post-sophomore summer program, students can decide:

  1. Not to continue with the teacher certification program
  2. Continue with the teacher certification program and apply for a NOYCE scholarship
  3. Continue with the teacher certification program without NOYCE funding and with the option to apply for a NOYCE scholarship at a later time
As a UMBC NOYCE Scholar you will receive $10,000 per year scholarship during your junior and senior year as you work torwards your Bachelor's degree in a STEM major, such as biology, chemistry, or physics; and your teaching certification requirements. You are also eligible for paid undergraduate research experience during the summer prior to your senior year.

In return, UMBC NOYCE Scholars are obligated to teach in a high needs school upon graduation. Two years of teaching is required for every year of funding received.

While NOYCE Scholars are complete their 2- to 4-year classroom teaching obligation, they are strongly encouraged to enroll in a 36-month, financially subsidized Master degree program. This program provides NOYCE Scholars with 18 additional hours of science content course work, as well as 18 additional hours of education courses. In return, NOYCE Scholars will receive 80-100% of tuition remission. They will also have a paid summer graduate research experience with an approximate $10,000 stipend.


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