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Who Was Robert Noyce?


Robert Noyce was an inventor and entrepreneur. He invented the integrated chip and key inventions that made the integrated circuit practical. In addition, he founded and managed two major companies that manufacture integrated circuits, Intel Corporation and Fairchild Semiconductor. It is remarkable that a single individual was responsible for both important inventions and the growth of an industry that sprang from those inventions. As such, he has been called the "Mayor of Silicon Valley". His leadership played a key role in developing the computer industry in that region of California.

Born in Burlington, Iowa in 1927, he earned his B.A. degree from Iowa College in 1949, and his Ph.D. in Physical Electronics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1953. After a few years working in the electronic industry, he cofounded Fairchild Semiconductor where he led the conception of the practical integrated circuit. In 1968 he cofounded Intel Corporation, where he served as president and then Chairman of the Board.

Noyce was awarded 16 patents for his inventions, the National Medal of Science, the National Medal of Technology, the IEEE Medal of Honor, and the Charles Draper Prize of the National Academy of Engineering. He was widely regarded as having a gracious personality and was highly respected by his peers for his insights and technical brilliance. Noyce died in 1990 of a heart attack.

For more information , see the IEEE website.


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