UMBC Campus Policies

Policy For Responsible Computing
This Policy sets forth the principles that govern appropriate use of computing and digital information resources. Such resources are the property of the State of Maryland, and users are bound by all pertinent University, State, and Federal policies and statutes. Access to UMBC computing resources is a privilege granted by the University. Computing policies, like other university policies, where ever possible are governed by the principle of academic freedom.
Library Policy on Copyright Restrictions
This policy details the guidelines used by the library for adhering to the fair use provision of the Copyright Statute.
UMBC Policy on Records Management
This policy will assist departments and offices in knowing which documents to preserve for their continuing value in providing evidence of the functions, operations, and activities of the institution and what to destroy thereby supporting the important work of preserving the strategic body of documents necessary for the continuity of this institution
Process For Handling Allegations of Scholarly Fraud/Misconduct
The following policies were developed to handle issues related to scholbarly misconduct and fraud in accordance with the University System of Maryland Policies on Misconduct in Scholarly Work
Snow Closing Policy
This link provides information on the UMBC Snow Closing Policy, including what media outlets to monitor in the event of a snow closing or delay.
Accounting Policies
This link provides information on departmental cash receipts, food purchases, moving expenses, Travel, and moving expenses.
Procurement Policies
This link provides information on the State procurement regulations. There is an online version of Procurement Procedures available for viewing or printing.
Undergraduate Catalog 2004-2006
The Undergraduate Catalog contains many of the policies dealing with academics at UMBC. These include, determining in-state residency, credit transfer, academic progress requirements, and graduation requirements.
Student Conduct Code
The student conduct code describes the rules and policies that students must follow at UMBC as well as your rights if an issue arises. tity.
Faculty Handbook
The faculty handbook code describes the rules and policies that faculty must follow at UMBC as well as your rights if an issue arises.
UMS Board of Regents Policies
This is a link to the gopher server that maintains the UMS Board of Regents information. Policies and procedures, along with resolutions and other information is available here.
Policy on Access to HP Computers
This policy outlines the requirements for an account on the campus HP computer system.