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November 4, 2005                                                                      2005-11, No.1



F E A T U R E   S T O R Y



Being a UMBC Student

     Sara Moriarty



            A sophomore at UMBC I have finally come to realize that college isn’t like the movies. Unlike the institutions portrayed in movies, I have learned that college is definitely no walk in the park and that yes, we do study…a lot. But however much I may grumble and complain about my work load or conceive a way to find and marry a rich man so I won’t have to endure another three years, I am secretly having the time of my life.

            I have heard several of my classmates gripe about the “lack” of things to do at UMBC, especially on the weekends. It is my opinion that these students are failing to recognize the wonderfully unique characteristics of UMBC. First of all, nobody can deny that UMBC is known for its excellent academics. I just recently learned that we had more students win Nationally Competitive Scholarships than Johns Hopkins University this past year. Also, professors are always willing to help students outside of the classroom and many are constantly taking on undergraduate student researchers. Generally, the complaints are not concerning academics but what seems to be a missing social life.

            One of the things I absolutely love about UMBC is its proximity to the city. A five minute drive takes you straight into downtown Baltimore. Even as a freshman when I was without a car I rode the UMBC transit to the plethora of museums, restaurants, and shops that dot the Baltimore harbor. Campus is also usually hopping with activities if you keep your eyes open.

In my experience as a UMBC student I have learned that opportunities don’t necessarily jump out at you. Nonetheless, with a little effort on your part more doors of opportunity will open for you. This semester I joined WISE (Women in Science in Engineering), a sorority, and am looking for research opportunities. I also work on campus as a student assistant. My schedule is so jammed pack I sometimes wonder how I manage to do it all, but in the end it’s all done with a smile…well most of it.





Advanced Registration Placement Testing – Fall 2005
Advanced Registration Placement Testing is in the Learning Resource Center, located in Office 345 of Academic IV, B-Wing for students who still need to take the test(s). Students will only have enough time to take one test per session. Those who need to take the math and English test must come for two testing periods. Pre-registration is not required, but students must be on time, as testing begins promptly. Direct questions to Marie Gore, academic skills coordinator for the Learning Resource Center, at ext. 5-2447 or e-mail

Monday, Nov. 7: 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 9: 1 p.m.
Friday, Nov. 11: 12 p.m.
Monday, Nov. 14: 12 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 16: 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Friday, Nov. 18: 12 p.m.
Monday, Nov. 21: 12 p.m.
Monday, Nov. 28: 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 30: 12 p.m.



E V E N T S   O F   I N T E R E S T


Freedom from Smoking Group (11/10)
University Health Services offers a Freedom From Smoking clinic for UMBC students, faculty or staff. Participants meet every Friday from 5-6 p.m. in The Commons, Room 330. There are 6 one-hour sessions, and individual appointments are also available. A professionally trained instructor provides the support and resources to quit smoking, with an emphasis on long-term freedom from smoking. Reserve a spot by contacting Layne Goble at University Health Services at ext. 5-8408 or e-mail


Dining Services Promotes “Thanksgiving in Our Community
During the month of November, Dining Services will promote "Thanksgiving in Our Community."  Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to make a difference in their local community by volunteering their time and hospitality. The week of Nov. 14 -18, local organizations will come to the Dining Hall to encourage students to volunteer. A canned food drive will also take place throughout November.  Students can bring a senior citizen from the community to dine on campus - compliments of Dining Services. For more information about this event, contact Aziza at ext. 5-8020 or at



"The Shriver Center Celebrates National Career Development Week"
Students are needed to participate in the Shriver Center’s internship and co-op programs. Faculty is asked to encourage their students to sign up with PlacePro (UMBC’s online internship and co-op database) in the Shriver Center during the week of Nov. 7. Appointments are unnecessary. Students who sign up for PlacePro will receive free pie and cider and will also have the chance to enter a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate for Arundel Mills.

Shriver Center representatives are available to make the announcement in your classes. To schedule an announcement, contact Casey Miller at or ext. 5-2493).



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