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alumni advisory board

The Meyerhoff Alumni Advisory Board first convened in July 2007 as part of the effort to encourage alumni involvement in the 20th Anniversary Research Symposium+Celebration. During the planning meetings associated with the anniversary, alumni expressed interest in creating an organization that would be officially connected to the Meyerhoff Scholars Program and UMBC as a whole. This organization would be self-sustaining and governing, its members would serve as a resource for current students, would operate in tandem with the Alumni Relations Staff and Meyerhoff Scholars Program staff, and serve the Meyerhoff alumni as a whole.

In September 2009, the UMBC Alumni Association officially recognized the Chapter of Meyerhoff Alumni and its governing board, the Meyerhoff Alumni Advisory Board.

The ongoing purpose of this alumni organization is to:

  • Promote a relationship among the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), the Meyerhoff Scholars Program in particular, and its alumni, parents, students, and friends
  • Act as an extension of the University community; to enhance a sense of community, and to recognize the commitment and contributions of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program Alumni
  • Encourage career development networks
  • Serve as a resource for students and faculty
  • Encourage communication between alumni and students through social and cultural activities with the purpose of extending the learning experience

If you would like to get involved with the Chapter, the Alumni Advisory Board, or attend a meeting, please contact any of the alumni or staff members listed below.

2011-2012 Alumni Advisory Board of the Chapter of Meyerhoff Alumni


Kamili Jackson M4 President
Tiffani Bright M11 Vice-President
Shawnielle Predeoux M4 Secretary
Torria Ellis-Dugar M4 Treasurer
Jason Lee M3


Ahmad Ridley M1 Historian
Michael Haywood M1 Representative
Angelique Blanding Griffin M3 Representative
Jattu Senesie M4 Representative
Jason McCullers M5 Representative
Jonta Williams M6 Representative
Camelia Owens M7 Representative
Alexandra Harryman M8 Representative
Raj Stewart M9 Representative
Sabrina Johnson Turner M10 Representative
Abi Chike M11 Representative
Erica Reaves M12 Representative
Nwokedi Idika M13 Representative
Donel Sequea M14 Representative
Tiffany Williams M15 Representative
Stephen Mobley M16 Representative
Nancy Chiles M17 Representative
Natee Johnson M18 Representative
Lydia Grmai M19 Representative
Joseph Washington M4 Graduate Fellow Representative


UMBC Staff Support:


Mrs. Earnestine Baker,
Executive Director
Stanyell Bruce,
Director, Alumni Relations



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