CNMS Annual Summer
Undergraduate Research Fest (SURF) at UMBC

The CNMS summer research programs and independent student research opportunities at UMBC could not be offered without the support of research mentors on and off campus. The many contributions of these dedicated mentors are very much appreciated. It is hoped that all mentors of participants in the event and members of their lab groups are able to attend the Fifteenth Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Fest at UMBC on August 8, 2012.

Mentors and members of their lab groups who plan to attend are asked to register their attendance online as early as possible so that name tags can be made and adequate food can be ordered for the buffet breakfast.

All presenters in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fest are required to garner the approval of their final abstracts from their research mentors or someone the mentor as designated to do the approval) before submission. Mentors are asked to confirm their approval of the presenters' abstracts online and indicate whether they want the abstract to appear online or not. All submitted abstracts will be published in the SURF Program Book, which will be distributed at the event.

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