CNMS Annual Summer
Undergraduate Research Fest (SURF) at UMBC


The following items are available to help 2010 SURF participants:

1. Abstract Template - Available in two formats: M.S.Word and PDF format

2. One-sheet poster Template - sized for printing 36-inch wide by 42-inch long posters, which may be downloaded here as a Powerpoint file.
(If you have problems downloading the file, contact surf@umbc.edu and a template file will be emailed to you.)

3. Banner Template - sized for printing 36-inch wide title banners to be used with multiple-panel posters. Multiple-panel posters are acceptable and allow more time for the student researchers to compile their results and then print panels of their presentation themselves using Powerpoint or similar software programs. Students often like to mount their printed panels on cardboard in coordinating colors to enhance the presentation. Multiple-panel posters are better suited for last minute revisions to the presentation.

4. Important Note:

Mr. Tim Ford, UMBC Graphics Lab, is unable to accept requests for printing after July 30, 2010.

Mr. Joe School, UMBC Cartographic Services Director, will accept requests for print until Thursday, August 5. (Mr. School has offered to help with poster printing for this event at the same cost as the UMBC Graphics Lab if all requests follow Mr. Ford's guidelines and are received no later than August 5, 2010. Mr. School may be contacted at school@umbc.edu.)

Request for Printing form for the UMBC Graphics Lab or Cartographic Services is available here in two formats: M.S.Word and pdf format . If you have a problem downloading the form, please contact surf@umbc.edu and the form will be emailed to you. Please be aware that there is a cost for one sheet poster or banner printing; therefore a PS ChartString or other authorization is needed before a request can be processed.

Mr. Ford and Mr. School ask that anyone who requests printing follow the established poster guidelines to prevent a variety of problems. These guidelines, which address background color, margins, and more topics are available in M.S.Word and pdf format and JPEG format. (The JPEG file may be the easiest to download.)

Important: If another shop or resource is used for poster printing, please be sure to check on the amount of time required to complete and pick up the finished product to avoid problems in getting the poster printed by Tuesday, August 10, in preparation for the Summer Undergraduate Research Fest on August 11.

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