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For more research opportunities, check out the links below - they may have just the information you're looking for. Good Luck!!!  

General Announcements, College Open Houses, Job/Career Opportunities and Paid/Unpaid Internships

Summer Research Opportunities
For Students in Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics

NIH Undergrad Scholarship Program
Study in the wilds of Montana - Two semester course - More

graduate school programs throughout the nation offering IGERT support.

The American Chemical Society has a web site that lists intern and summer opportunities for chem undergrads.

Graduate Biomedical Research Education Training Program at Vanderbilt University. Also see their Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Cancer Research Careers at the Nat'l Cancer Inst.

NeuroEngineering at Hopkins

All Majors:

Audubon Center of the North Woods

General Announcements, Open Houses, Job/Career Opportunities and Paid/Unpaid Internship

The UGSP offers scholarship awards to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are committed to careers in biomedical behavioral and social science health-related research careers at the NIH. Up to $20,000 per academic year. Recipients are obligated to serve as paid employees in NIH laboratories during the summer and after graduation. See their website for application information

Vanderbilt University Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity. The Vanderbilt Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD) is an NIH-funded program geared toward students who contribute to diversity, are strongly committed to obtaining a Ph.D. in biomedical research and want to enter a first rate graduate program. The Vanderbilt IMSD program is a very highly flexible approach which involves extensive and careful mentoring at all stages. More info

T. Rowe Price Investment Fellowship Program
T. Rowe Price’s Investment Fellowship Program offers college undergraduate students within mathematics, engineering, and the sciences a challenging opportunity in the financial industry. Under this program fellows will receive training and experience in investment front office tasks (i.e., quantitative research and analysis, trading research and analysis, and decision and research support). Fellows accepted into this program will have direct "hands-on" involvement within the TRP investment organization.
To submit a resume online, access the following website:

The NIH publishes a list of predoctoral research training grants for Graduating Students who plan to apply to graduate school as candidates for the Ph.D. or the combined M.D./Ph.D. degree. The NIGMS/NIH supports graduate research training in ten general areas. See their website for more information.

The Venter Institute, Rockville, MD See their website for employment opportunities and an online application

Johns Hopkins University, Biomedical Engineering, encourages applications to its NeuroEngineering Training Program. Details

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) announces details of its Introduction to Cancer Research Careers (ICRC) Program. ICRC is designed to encourage individuals from populations underrepresented in science and/or financially disadvantaged backgrounds to seek internship opportunities at the NCI. Successful ICRC applicants will take part in a 2-day campus visit to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, where they will have the opportunity to learn about the various programs for scientists-in-training, participate in laboratory tours, interview for either a summer or post-baccalaureate (1-year) internship. Participants selected for internships receive a monthly stipend, round-trip travel and summer housing accommodations. Application Deadlines to be announced in August. Application and Info