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Directions for Making Travel Reservations
Updated 2-26-2009

1. The traveler makes their reservation through a contracted travel agency.

     * Globetrotter 1-800-322-7032

     * Travel-On 1-800-333-2115
     * Omega 877-403-4282

2. An E-Travel form is prepared by the traveler's business department.
3. The E-Travel form is then approved by an authorized individual and forwarded to Peggy Ingle at the travel desk.
4. Peggy Ingle assigns the approval code and forwards the E-Travel to the designated travel agency.
5. The agency, in turn, forwards a confirmation back to Peggy Ingle.

*Please Note the following:

**Even though an individual makes their own travel reservations (by personal credit card) an E-Travel form still needs to be submitted. In the travel agency section of the E-Travel form you would use "other".

**Please remember that there is a 24 hour window before the price of the ticket will change.

**Please verify all information on the itinery, that you receive from the contracted travel agency, for accuracy.


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