What is ACTiVATE®?

ACTiVATE® is a systematic model for increasing the commercialization of technology innovations from research institutions in the State of Maryland by training women entrepreneurs to create technology-based, start-up companies.

Why is the program needed?

The Maryland business community needs more well-trained, experienced entrepreneurs.

Universities in Maryland spend about $1.5 Billion in research annually; and Maryland was ranked 10th in the nation in 2000. However, Maryland ranked 29th nationally in the same year for the number of start-up companies created based on technology innovations arising out of this research.

Universities in Maryland generate an average of 500 invention disclosures each year. From these disclosures, only 12 start-up companies on average are formed per year. To solve this growing problem, ACTiVATE® aims to attract experienced entrepreneurs from other states and develop entrepreneurs from Maryland's talent pool.

To learn about ACTiVATE®

Contact Nan Sherman
nan@umbc.edu or (443) 543-5594

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