Program Curriculum

Phase I: Market Assessment (15 weeks : February – June)

Module One: Preparation for ACTiVATE® - Orientation

  • Introduction to ACTiVATE®
  • Entrepreneur Role Models
  • Community Building

Module Two: Learning the Technologies and their Applications

  • Introduction to Technology Transfer
  • Fundamentals of Intellectual Property  & Patent Basics
  • Technology Applications and Uses
  • Working with Inventors

Module Three: Building a Team

  • Team Building Basics
  • Networking with Potential Advisors

Module Four: Identifying your Market

  • Entrepreneurial Market Research
  • Primary Research: Who Cares, Problem Definition
  • Secondary Research: Market Profile
  • Market Segmentation, Product Differentiation, & Competition
  • Profiling Your Customers
  • Refining Primary Research
  • Value Proposition and Market Entry

Module Five: Assessing Feasibility

  • Product Development and Business Models
  • Revenue Models, Product Pricing & Sales Forecasting
  • Presenting a Market Assessment - Styles and Coaching
  • Market Assessment Presentation

Phase II: The Business Plan (15 weeks : September – JANUARY)

Module Six: Organization and Licensing

  • Business Planning Process
  • Organizing Your Company and Equity
  • Building an External Board
  • Anatomy of a License Agreement

Module Seven: Marketing and Operations

  • Fine-Tuning Your Market
  • Reaching Your Customers
  • Technology Development & Operations

Module Eight: Building Your Financial Model

  • Mapping Financial Needs
  • Required Business Financials
  • Financial Modeling
  • Financing Your Business – Non-dilutive Sources
  • Financing Your Business – Dilutive Sources
  • Building Your Financial Plan

Module Nine: Preparing the Final Presentation

  • Visioning Your Future
  • Closing the Deal – Negotiations
  • Closing the Deal – The Investor Presentation
  • Final Presentations