Start-Up Companies

The formation of a company by a program participant is an indication that the participant has attained a level of confidence in their ability to assess a market and develop a commercialization or business plan. For this reason, the number of corporate formations by ACTiVATE® program participants is an ideal indicator of the program’s success in teaching entrepreneurial principles. This metric is independent of other, more traditional metrics that are used to measure the economic impact of a start-up company such as revenues, employees, and profitability. ACTiVATE® program participants in the first five classes have started over 35 companies. Many other graduates continue to look for new business opportunities and will start companies in the future. 

The companies created by ACTiVATE® program participants and graduates exist in a variety of forms, from one-person companies seeking capital for product development, to consulting companies, to companies with employees, investment and product sales.

Following are a few of the companies that were created as a result of the ACTiVATE® program:

Amethyst Technologies, LLC


CertaPro Painters, Columbia


Encore Path, Inc.

Foligo Therapeutics, Inc.

Hartmann Willner LLC


Ryan Technologies Group


T3 Innoventions

Tiger Management Consulting Group, LLC

Traxion Technologies, Inc.