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The Overall Goal of the ADVANCE Program at UMBC:
The ADVANCE Program seeks to enhance policies and procedures affecting the recruitment, selection, promotion and transition of women faculty in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The goal is to ensure that women will be represented in all departments, will advance through the faculty ranks and into leadership positions, and will reflect the diversity of the UMBC student body.

ADVANCE supports leadership development, increases networking opportunities, and provides support to all STEM faculty in issues concerning family and medical leave, the tenure and promotion process, grant writing, and other pertinent issues related to family life at UMBC.

The Primary Objectives of the ADVANCE Program at UMBC are:
Objective 1: With a focus on all STEM departments, UMBC will work collaboratively to develop and institutionalize new policies, practices, and resources that will effectively encourage the recruitment, selection, and hiring of women, and particularly minority women, to the faculty at all ranks.

Objective 2: Establish a system of targeted programs to create a clear and understandable pathway in support of women’s efforts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to achieve tenure and promotion, and transition to leadership positions at the university.

Objective 3: Develop programs for constituency building, such that all levels of administration and each department support all aspects of the project and create new partnerships to connect UMBC to the broader community of research universities leading in the development and advancement of STEM women faculty.

Program Activities created to meet the Goals and Objectives of the ADVANCE Program at UMBC

Recruitment Activities:

  1. Faculty Horizons
  2. Department Diversity Plans
  3. Meetings with new Faculty Candidates
  4. Research Assistantships for New Faculty
  5. ADVANCE Research Assistantship (RA) Program for Chairs

Targeted Program Activities

  1. WISE Group
  2. Faculty Liaisons
  3. Leadership Cohorts
  4. Family Leave Policies
  5. Faculty Development Plans
  6. Distinguished Speaker Series
  7. New STEM Faculty Luncheon
  8. Faculty Sponsorship Committee
  9. Eminent Scholar Mentor Program
  10. Faculty ADVANCEment Workshops
  11. Research Assistantships for Current Faculty
  12. Assessing Climate for Women faculty in STEM
  13. ADVANCE Research Assistantship (RA) Program for Current Faculty

Constituency Building Activities

  1. Chairs and Deans Meetings
  2. National Leadership Conference
  3. Annual Advisory Board Meetings
  4. Annual Executive Committee Meetings
  5. Partnerships with other NSF funded ADVANCE Institutions

To read more about UMBC ADVANCE’s programs, activities and workshops, please download our BROCHURE.