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Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) (2001-Present)

WISE is an informal university network of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at UMBC that meets monthly to provide a community of exchange and support. WISE is an independent organization that works collaboratively with the ADVANCE Program, the Faculty Development Center and the Center for Women and Information Technology (CWIT) in establishing a powerful community of support and mentoring for women in STEM at UMBC.

For more information about WISE at UMBC visit the WISE link.

Faculty Sponsorship Committee (2004-Present)

A peer review committee made up of senior STEM faculty that identifies and advises women about dossier preparation, balancing research and service obligations and developing effective teaching portfolios as they anticipate third-year review or tenure with promotion.

Eminent Scholar Program (2004-Present)

The purpose of the Eminent Scholar Program is to facilitate a mentoring relationship between UMBC STEM female faculty, particularly those who are nearing a critical transition point in their career, and a prominent researcher in their field. This relationship will be established to provide a connection for the UMBC faculty member to their larger scientific community in order to enhance their success as they advance through the ranks of academia.

The UMBC female faculty member will work in conjunction with her chair to identify a prominent scholar in her field of research, who they both believe may be a good mentor. After the mentor has been identified, the chair should contact the ADVANCE Program by email ( to request funding. The following information should be included in the email:

  • UMBC Information
    Faculty member, title, email and telephone number
  • Eminent Scholar Mentor Information
    Name, university, title, email and telephone number
  • Semester of Eminent Scholar's intended visit
    Contact information of the person in your department to work with while coordinating the visit

After ADVANCE has agreed to fund the visit, the Eminent Scholar will be sent one letter from the President and Provost inviting them to participate in this relationship and one letter from the chair explaining the program.


In the first year ADVANCE will provide funding for the mentor to visit UMBC, including travel, hotel and meals; to give a distinguished departmental seminar, including $500 honorarium; and to spend a substantial time with mentee.

In the subsequent year, ADVANCE will provide funding for the mentee to visit the mentor's home institution, including travel, hotel and meals; to give a research seminar; and to continue the mentoring relationship. It is expected that there will be regular contact (e.g. at least one time per semester) between the mentor and the mentee.

MENTOR VISIT Logistics for the visit should be made in partnership with the ADVANCE Program (contact information below). ADVANCE will pay for airfare and hotel prior to the visit and reimburse the Eminent Scholar Mentor for meals and pay the honorarium after the visit. All meals and expenses should adhere to UMBC guidelines. (

The UMBC STEM faculty member must complete a brief yearly report form and will be notified by ADVANCE when it is due. Please have your department chair sign it and submit it to ADVANCE Program annually (around the anniversary of funding approval).

Eminent Scholar Mentor Program Participants

Dr. Adele Howe
Professor of Computer Science,
Colorado State University
Dr. Marie des Jardins
Professor of Computer Science,
Dr. David Tirrell
Professor and Chair, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
Cal Tech (Lumpkin Lecturer AY 06-07)
Dr. Jennie Leach
Clare Boothe Luce Associate Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering,
Dr. Sangtae Kim
Donald W. Feddersen Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering,
Purdue University
Dr. Mariajose Castellanos
Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering,
Dr. Sheri Sheppard
Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
Stanford University
Dr. Anne Marie Spence
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
Dr. Gregory Martin
Professor, Boyce Shultz Scientist, Department of Plant Biology,
Cornell University
Dr. Hua Lu
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences,
Dr. Christine Borgman
Professor and Presidential Chair, Information Studies,
University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. Anita Komlodi
Associate Professor of Information Systems,
Dr. Christopher Johnson
Director and Professor of Computer Science,
University of Utah
Dr. Penny Rheingans
Professor of Computer Science,

Dr. Karen Butler-Purry
Associate Provost for Graduate Education and Professor of Electrial Engineering,
Texas A & M University


Dr. Gymama Slaughter
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Electrical  Engineering,