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Declared Majors

Five Advantages of Declaring a Major

Only you can decide when you feel ready to commit to a major. However, here are advantages to declaring that you should consider:

  1. Declaring a major gives you a plan and a goal to work toward. Students with specific goals perform better in college.
  2. Sometimes you need to try on a major by plunging in and giving it a whirl.
  3. There is no disgrace whatsoever in trying out a major and then changing to another major based on more information.
  4. Having a declared major makes you part of an academic department whose faculty and staff will take an interest in your progress and assist you in your decision-making about courses, internships, and careers.
  5. Declaring your major sooner rather than later allows you to complete your degree sooner rather than later.

How to Declare Your Major

For New Students

When you apply to UMBC, you have the opportunity to indicate a major you are interesting in pursuing. At Course Selection Day, you will be asked if that initial major is still correct and if not, will have another chance to choose a new major during the registration process. It is important that if you do have a specific major in mind that we have the correct information when you leave Orientation. Please note that you can always change your major by completing the Declaration of Major/Change of Major form.

For Current Students

Prior to advanced registration, it is important that you check your profile in myUMBC to make sure you have the correct major listed. If your major is not correct, you make the change by completing a Change of Major form. Students with a declared major will receive advising from their academic department.

For a list of academic majors, minors and certificates, please click here.

Advising Coordinators

For a list of advising coordinators for each academic department, please click here.

Enrolling in Excess Credits

To register for more than 19.5 credits in a fall or spring semester, more than 4.5 credits in a winter session or 8 credits in a summer session, students must have prior written approval from their advisor and the Office for Academic and Pre-Professional Advising.

Process for Seeking Excess Credits Permission

  1. Complete paper excess credit request form.
  2. Present the form to your academic advisor for signature and recommendation
  3. Submit the completed form to the Office for Academic and Pre-Professional Advising (OAPA) for review
  4. OAPA staff will make decision, notify student via email whether approved or disapproved