UMBC Africana Studies Department Overview


FALL 2013

Title: The American Health Care System and Black Community

AFST 390/HAPP 100 -Thursdays 7:10PM - 9:40PM

This new AFST course examines the relationship between the American health care system and the Black community. Come explore what the Affordable Care Act means for the racial and social determinants of health.

This course surveys the intersection of the American Health Care System and the Black Community by studying the resulting political and health impacts on Blacks. In this course we will explore narratives around health and race and investigate the use of the PEN 3 model to design interventions that emphasize the importance of placing culture at the center of health promotion programs. Topical categories for this analysis include mental health, reproductive health, medical technologies, environmental justice and the penal system. We will also investigate how social determinants of health impact Black communities and how the role of structural violence and racism affect public health policy formation and implementation


The Department of Africana Studies provides students of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds the opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of the foundations of African American culture, from ancient Egypt to the present. Drawing from the intellectual heritage, accumulated knowledge, enduring experiences and contributions of Africa and its Diaspora, students explore new perspectives. Students may pursue the standard major in Africana studies, the major with a concentration in community involvement studies or the double major. Regardless of the option selected, students are encouraged to pursue internships or field research in the areas of housing, health, education, justice and leadership.

Many Africana studies graduates pursue graduate and professional studies, building successful careers in fields such as public affairs, law, health, government, social work, education, the visual and performing arts and business and management. For students interested in foreign service in Africa or the Caribbean, or for those who intend to acquire graduate training with specialization in either Africa or the Caribbean, Africana studies offers solid preparation. Students who pursue a concentration in community involvement are well prepared to work in community-based agencies or local government. The track in education enables students with a career interest in teaching at the elementary or secondary levels to prepare for the Maryland Teacher Certification in social studies, which includes certification in over 30 states, through UMBC’s Department of Education.


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