Adjunct Faculty

Kwame Ansah-Brew

1977, Traditional Master “Divine” Drummer
The Royal Court of the Right Wing of Akyem Abuakwa Asiakwa, Ghana
1994, Diploma in Theater Arts, Dance
School of Performing Arts, U. of Ghana
2003, Master of Arts, SUNY, Brockport

Courses: Introduction to African Dance
Comparative African Religions

Terrence F. Hickey

1992, B. A., University of Rochester [History and Political Science]
1998, J. D., University of Maryland School of Law

Courses: Problem-Solving in the Urban Black Community
Urban Housing Policy

Kibibi V. Mack-Shelton

1977, B.A. University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
1982, M. A. Northwestern University
1991, Ph.D. SUNY-Binghamton [History]

Courses: Introduction to the Black Experience
African American History to 1865; Since 1865
African American Women’s History
Black Women: Cross-cultural Perspectives

Sharon M. King

1970, Bachelor of Art, George Washington University
1976, Master of Education, Wright State University
1999, Master of Divinity, Howard University
1989, Ph.D. The Ohio State University [Cultural Anthropology]

Courses: Black Families in the United States
The Black Church

Jason J. Rhodes

1992, Bachelor of Social Work, Morgan State University
1997, Master of Social Work, Catholic University
1995, J.D., University of Maryland Law School

Courses: Introduction to Community Involvement
Black Community Development


Tyson King-Meadows, Associate Professor

Education: PhD: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
MA: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
BA: North Carolina Central University

Courses: African American Politics (POLI 427)
Young Voters and American Democracy (POLI 309)
American Government and Politics (POLI 100)
Black Political Thought (AFST 351)

Kimberly R. Moffitt, Assistant Professor

1992, B. A., University of North Carolina, Charlotte
1994, M. S., Boston University
2000, Ph.D., Howard University [Mass Communication, Media Studies]
2008, UMBC, Assistant Professor, American Studies Department Research Areas: Media Presentations of People of African Descent
Hair and Body Politics; Sports and Entertainment

Course: Seminar in Black Hair and Body Politics

Michelle R. Scott, Associate Professor

1996, B. A., Stanford University
2000, M. A., Cornell University
2002, Ph.D., Cornell University [U.S. History; African American History]
2008, UMBC, Associate Professor, History Department
Research Areas: Race and Ethnicity in the American Experience
Musical Culture, Women’s Studies

Courses: African American History to 1865; Since 1865
African American Women’s History
Black American Music