Thomas N. Robinson, Jr.

Thomas N. Robinson, Jr.

Department Chair

Office: 226 Math/Psychology
Phone: 410-455-2158

Before joining the department, Dr. Robinson was a statistician at the National Center for Health Statistics [1967-69], an Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor at the NIMH [1976-79], and a consultant to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [1977]. He was also a summer intern at the National Science Foundation [1971] and a postdoctoral fellow at the NIMH-Laboratory of Psychology and Psychopathology [1975-79].

Past recent interests centered on the efficacy of polygraph or lie detection measurement as well as psychophysiological [e.g., electrodermal and heart] responding as related to such variables as auditory and visual two-flash perceptual sensitivity, schizophrenia spectrum disorders, psychoticism, schizotypal personality, postural stress, direction of hand torque and hand preference, differential reaction times of personality groupings, and racial differences in electrodermal responding and non-responding. Behavioral responses associated with and psychometric properties of various personality measures [e.g., sensation seeking, introversion-extraversion, neuroticism, shyness, and state and trait anxiety] were also studied.

Current research interests center largely on two issues: romantic jealousy as influenced by gender and personality differences; and the evolutionary origins of implicit and explicit prejudicial attitudes. A book-length manuscript examining how evolutionary factors appear to influence the development of prejudicial attitudes is currently being written.

Courses taught in the department include: Psychology of Racism, Psychology of the Black Experience, Methodology and Research in Africana Studies, Research Design and Documentation, Research Proposal Fundamentals, Psychological Testing of American Minorities, Mental and Physical Health of Black Americans, and The Effects of Violence on Children in Inner-City Communities.