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The 2003-2006 Beckman Scholars Program at UMBC provided a comprehensive plan for scientific research, ethics instruction, leadership skill development and career guidance and counseling under the supervision of Program Directors Dr. Lasse Lindahl and Dr. Ralph Pollack. Each Beckman Scholar matched his or her interests with those of a Beckman research mentor and then devoted a minimum15 months on an independent and meaningful research project in that mentor's laboratory at UMBC. The progression of each research experience has been:
  • A beginning ten-week summer research experience,
  • An academic year research experience involving ten hours per week, and
  • A concluding ten-week summer research experience.

    Beckman Scholars received generous stipends totaling up to $14,600 per student for their research time and benefitted from additional support of $3,000 per student for laboratory supplies and participation in scientific meetings. (Please note that student payments and other benefits from participating in this program may have had income tax obligations. For more information, please consult a tax professional and/or the IRS. You may also wish to review IRS Publication 970, "Tax Benefits for Education.")

    Participants received individual academic and leadership development advising from their Beckman Research Mentors, the Program Directors and the UMBC Provost. Scientific skills were nurtured through six activities:

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPreparatory Instruction
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxScientific Communication Skill Development
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEthics Instruction
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLeadership Development Activities
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStudent Support and Camaraderie Opportunities and
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAttendance at Seminars for Undergraduate Researchers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Students had multiple opportunities to present their research including the Beckman Scholars Annual Research Symposia held in Irvine, California each July. The ultimate goals of the sustained research experiences are for the Beckman Scholars to co-author publications with their research mentors and to be prepared for acceptance into top graduate programs.

    A proposal to continue the Beckman Scholars Program from 2008 to 2011 was submitted by Dr. Phyllis Robinson for the October 2007 competition. Dr. Robinson will serve as the Program Director if the grant is awarded to UMBC.





Beckman Scholars Program Administrator
Kathy Lee Sutphin
410-455-2271 or sutphin@umbc.edu