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Installation: Welcome
Welcome to QwikiWiki!
Thank you for installing QwikiWiki, the minimalist PHP wiki engine! If you can read this page, you're well on your way to using QwikiWiki for your personal or commercial needs. However, though I've taken utmost care to make installation as painless as possible, let's make sure everything is in order before getting started. To this end, this wizard will walk you through the following process:
  1. Test your Web hosting environment for compatibility with QwikiWiki's base requirements
  2. Verify you have created the necessary directory structure to store QwikiWiki data and backups
  3. Confirm your Web server is correctly configured to upload files and send email
  4. Register this installation of QwikiWiki, for free!
To use this installation wizard, just follow on the link at the bottom of the page. To go forward and back, or to re-execute the same test, click the links to the lower-right corner. To jump backwards or forwards to any other page, click the links to the upper-right. In the meantime, click the link below to get started.

(Alternatively, should you wish to skip this installation wizard, you can manually install QwikiWiki using the following instructions.)

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