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UMBC Biotechnology Graduate Programs

The Master’s in Professional Studies in Biotechnology prepares science professionals to fill management and leadership roles in biotechnology-related companies or agencies.

UMBC’s Biotechnology curriculum is intended to address changes in the needs of the biotechology industry through experiential learning, by providing advanced instruction in the life sciences, in addition to coursework in regulatory affairs, leadership, management, and financial management in a life science-oriented business.

Why Biotechnology?

Global challenges in human health, food security, sustainable industrial production and environmental protection continues to fuel the biosciences industry, creating new opportunities within the four primary sub sectors:


UMBC's Biotechnology Graduate Program and its strong academic programs in the life sciences are led by a distinguished faculty of nearly fifty members spanning the departments of:

This established academic and research expertise in the biosciences provides a foundation for programs in biotechnology management and biochemical regulatory engineering.