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Maurice Berger film "Threshold" in the Whitney Biennial

Kudos Dr. Berger!


Our colleague Maurice Berger will have a short film featured in the Whitney Biennial, as part of Alicia Hall Moran and Jason Moran's five-day residency at the Biennial in May (9-13) --a residency entitled BLEED that will turn the whole fourth floor into a performance/video exhibition space. They have commissioned three films, one of which is Maurice's five-minute piece, THRESHOLD, that riffs on the crossing of thresholds--walking through doors, entering trains, cars, and buses, moving across stages, approaching podiums, and even the imagined passage from Earth to heaven--that have defined the voice, place, and aspirations of a people during the historic struggle for civil rights. He is in the process of producing the work now, and will write the museum wall label/text next month, so he'll have a bit more information to share about his participation in the Biennial later in the spring.

Our congratulations to Maurice on this great accomplishment!

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