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CADVC Welcomes Guest Curator Joanna Raczynska

CADVC welcomes guest curator Joanna Raczynska for her 2013 / 2014 film series, Jump Over Time: Using Documentation Video.

Jump Over Time: Using Documentation Video presents a series of films and videos that utilize the subjective as well as mediated experiences of performance, exploring some of the many uses of video, film and audio documentation by artists, organizations, and collectives since the late 60s. The film and video presentations will contextualize questions regarding the concept of live performances and subjective experience; actions by Activist-Artists; histories of artist-run experimental media spaces and happenings; “professional” and “amateur” documentation and their purposes; copyright, archives, access and video format migration; and the experiences of projectionists, media arts curators and artists performing multiple roles in the making of meaning and history, among other concepts. The series will also work towards provoking a more active participation in the documentation of current artistic practices, organizations, and events.

Jump Over Time looks at some creative uses of video documentation as an idiom and form used by media artists. When does the video documentation of an event shift from witness to evidence? If a performance is designed for the camera is the urgency, the live-ness, of the performance obliterated? When the video maker’s intent is to re-present a specific historic period, action, or happening, can reenactments be considered documentation? Selected works as well as visiting artists and archivists will speak to the many ways archives—brimming with mediated experiences—are critical to cultural determination, memory, and practice.

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