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Class of 2010

Recipients of Bachelor's of Science in Chemical Engineering

Our B.S. graduates have accepted offers from companies such as ECBC in Aberdeen and graduate schools such as University of Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins University, University of Rochester, EPFL at Lausanne and UMBC.


From left to right: (back) Jon, Ryan, Ben, Rohan, Colin K., Robert, Brooke, Dom, Mike & Zach
(front) Philip, Colin H., Fabiola, A.K., Jenny & Hannah

Jonathan A. Bollinger **
Ryan P. Connor ^
Philip A. Cutler
Benajmin D. D'Alessio ^
Jenny R. Donoghue
Rohan Durbal
Jeremiah Flynn ^
John C. Haser **
Kirbi M. Hawkins (Minor: Economics)
Robert M. Henderson * ^
Chijioke O. Irrechukwu
Colin J. Kelly (Certificate: Honors College)
Brooke E. Leibforth
Dominique T. Monteil ^ (Minor: Modern Languages and Linguistics)
Michael S. Pacella *** ^
Akanksha W. Raja
Fabiola E. Rincon
Zachary D. Vonder Haar *
Hannah K. Wilson ** ^ (Minor: Biological Sciences)

* Cum Laude
** Manga Cum Laude
*** Summa Cum Laude
^ Biotechnology/Bioengineering Track

Recipients of a Master of Science degree in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering


From left to right: Ryan Park, Ashrith Mathias & Robert Reeves

The following M.S. graduates completed Master level course work and also worked with Faculty Mentors in their laboratories and have accepted offers of employment at OSIsoft.

Ashrith Mathias
Sialic acid polymers prevent amyloid binding to cells, a step towards preventing neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease
Mentor: Theresa Good

Ryan Park
Exploring signaling reactions of beta amyloid with T cells and neurons: clues to the mechanism of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease
Mentor: Theresa Good

Robert Reeves
The INSPIRES Curriculum
Mentors: Taryn Bayles & Julie Ross

The following M.S. graduate completed a thesis describing original research endeavors and has accepted an offer of employment at the Naval Research Laboratory.


Jessica Schwartz
The influence of human serum on Staphylococcus aureus growth, collagen and fibrinogen receptor expression and adhesion to Immobilized collagen and fibrinogen under dynamic shear
Mentor: Julie Ross

Recipients of a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering


Left to right: Silviya Petrova and Jennie Leach & Ben Keshet

The following Ph.D. graduates completed a doctoral thesis describing significant research contributions to their field and and have accepted postdoctoral fellowships at the National Institute of Health.

Ben Keshet
Towards understanding the molecular details of beta amyloid neurotoxicity in Alzheimer's disease
Mentor: Theresa Good

Silviya Petrova (December 2009)
Star poly(ethylene glycol) as a tunable scaffold for neural tissue engineering
Mentor: Jennie Leach