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Class of 2011

Recipients of Bachelor's of Science degree in Chemical Engineering

Our B.S. graduates have accepted offers from companies such as Dupont, Constellation Energy, Boeing, the Navy, Procter and Gamble, Bechtel, CTC, and graduate schools such as University of Michigan, University of Delaware, Drexel University and UMBC.


From left to right: (back) Jessica, Hythem, Luis, Kellie, Jake, Matt, Jay, Brian, Dewey, Jason, Josh, Danny, Ryan, and Mike (middle) Kellie, Tim, Donterrius, Brian, and Norman (front) Shelby, Ona, Marsha, Carol, Sofia, Cassie and Angela.

Michael K. Boone-Felder
Timothy R. Buck
Brian P. Cottrell
Norman T. Dean* (Honors College)
Cassie M. Dobrzanski
Donterrius A. Ethridge
Sofia D. Francisco
Daniel A. Gray
Imhotep N. Jackson
Joshua D. Levine (Minor: History) ^
Jason A. Loiland** ^ (Double Major: Music)
Yuchen Luo (Minor: Economics) ^
Angela R. Nealen
Brian R. O'Hara
Carol A. Ortega
Sylvie S. Osias (Minor: Economics)
Timothy S. Paterniti
Stephanie E. Pubill ^
Kiran Quraishi (Minor: Biological Sciences)
Joseph A. Richards
Jacob Sarnecki* ^
Matthew J. Schwarz*
Onajite Shemi*
Hythem I. Sidky
Kellie Tilley*
Jessica L. Trankle
Shelby L. Vargo
Luis T. Verona** ^
Marsha K. Walker*
Nicole R. Wallace**
Dewey J. Ward

* Cum Laude
** Magna Cum Laude
*** Summa Cum Laude
^ Biotechnology/Bioengineering Track

Recipients of a Master of Science degree in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering* and Civil Engineering^


Clockwise: Tomilayo, Shilpa, Nikhila, Mutsa, Archana, and Zach.

The following M.S. graduates completed Master level course work and also worked with Faculty Mentors in their laboratories and have accepted offers of employment with companies including GE and Jacobs Engineering Group.

Nikhila Vikas Karnik* “High-performance size-exclusion chromatography of proteins”
Mentor: Doug Frey

Philip Andrew Kartochvil*

Tomilayo Komolafe* “Predicting petroleum properties through artificial neural networks”
Mentor: Mariajose Castellanos

Naga Shilpa Vadala* “Analysis of ECM production”
Mentor: Jennie Leach

Zachary Daniel Vonder Haar* “The INSPIRES Curriculum”
Mentor: Julie Ross and Taryn Bayles

The following M.S. graduates completed a thesis describing original research endeavors and have accepted offers of employment with companies such as MedImmune.

Mutsa Yvonne Kambarami* "Quantifying the effect of hydrodynamic shear on polymorphonuclear leukocyte adhesion to Staphylococcus aureus biofilms"
Mentor: Julie Ross

Jennifer Jerscheid^ “Impact of activated carbon on benthic organism toxicity and PCB loss from sediment”
Mentor: Upal Ghosh

Chirayu Joshi^ “Laboratory assessment of bioavailability reduction of DDx by sorbent amendments to sediment”
Mentor: Upal Ghosh

Archana Sriram* (December 2010) “Engineering periplasmic binding proteins to develop potential sensors to measure glucose, glutamine and lactate”
Mentor: Govind Rao

Recipients of a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

The following Ph.D. graduates completed a doctoral thesis describing significant research contributions to their field and have accepted positions at Decision Resources Consulting and Martek.


From Top to Bottom: Miguel, Andreia, and Goncalo

Miguel Acosta “Miniaturized probes for cell microenvironment: development, characterization, and application of fluorescent oxygen-sensing microparticles”
Mentor: Jennie Leach

Goncalo Maia (December 2010) “Design of large scale kinetic metabolic models: applications in mammalian and algae metabolism”
Mentor: Mariajose Castellanos

Andreia Sofia Gaifem Ribeiro “Translating neuronal responses from 2D to 3D microenvironments to improve the design of biomaterials”
Mentor: Jennie Leach