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CBEE Presentations at Graduate Research Conference, Thurs. 3/26

CBEE is proud to announce participation in the Graduate Student Association's 36th annual Graduate Research Conference on March 26th, 2014. This event showcases graduate students and their work on our campus.

The following students will give oral presentations in Commons 332:

9:45am – Kiranmayi Mangalgiri “Photolysis of organoarsenicals in agricultural waste”

10:00am – Hilda Fadaei Khoei “The effect of activated carbon amendment on bioaccumulation of PCBs in fish”

10:15am – Adil Zuber “Two‐dimensional chromatography for applications with purification in point-of-care manufacture of therapeutic proteins”

10:30am – Ke He “Adsorption and biodegradation of fluoroquinolone antibiotics in the activated sludge treatment”

The following students will be presenting posters in UC 310:

11:00am – Sheniqua Brown “Non‐invasive glucose sensor using fluorescent labeled glucose binding protein”

11:15am – Opeyemi Ajayi “Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation on micropatterned surfaces”

11:30am – Arundhathi Venkatasubraman “Beta‐amyloid fibrils and their interplay in Alzheimer’s disease through physico-chemical, signaling, and epigenetic mechanisms”

11:45am – Zachary Hopkins “Ozone treatment of oxybenzone: Transformation kinetics and removal of UV absorbance”