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Raphael Falco

Professor Falco teaches courses in early modern literature and culture at UMBC. His own research has allowed him to explore cultural genealogy in early modern discourse.

Professor Falco is also Director of the English Honors Program. UMBC strives to provide its undergraduates with unique research opportunities. The English Honors Program pairs its students with a faculty advisor who guides them while they pursue an independent capstone research project. Professor Falco discusses research interests with the students and ensures that they have a strong plan to develop their project.

In addition to a major GPA of 3.5 and a non-major GPA of 3.0, students interested in applying to the program must submit a current transcript and two college-level essays. After review by the Honors Program Committee, all admitted students are required to enroll in English 399. At this stage, the students will produce an annotated bibliography under the direction of their faculty advisor. The next course, English 499, is a continuation of previous work and requires the writing of a 25-50 page research paper. If interested in this opportunity, students can email Professor Falco at falco@umbc.edu for additional information.