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Sally Shivnan

If you’re in the English Department during free hour on every other Monday, you won’t be able to miss the steady hum of voices coming from the conference room. For one hour, the students of Bartleby, UMBC’s creative and literary arts journal, take over to discuss fundraising, publicity, and the upcoming publication of the new journal. Sally Shivnan, Bartleby’s faculty sponsor, says the journal is “a little miracle” each time it’s published. “You get to see a side of writing where the written word is transported into print,” she explains. “It’s a side that’s different than just writing itself.” This is important to Professor Shivnan because she already spends a lot of time with the process of writing in the classes that she teaches. She sees Bartleby as an opportunity to get a taste of a different aspect of writing.

Every year, Bartleby publishes fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and art. The 2011 edition features 170 pages of student work, all carefully combed through by dedicated staff members. The journal is entirely student run, from the selection and editing of student pieces to the designing of the journal itself. Professor Shivnan believes that it’s special to be in the position of choosing what goes into the journal, and she encourages all students to check it out. “Bartleby is a great way to get involved in the creative community at UMBC. It’s a welcoming group, and both fun and serious. You can learn a lot from working on the staff.” So no matter if you’re interested in being part of the publication process, or would like to see your work in print, be sure to check out Bartleby! It’s an experience you won’t forget.

-- Laura LeFavor, Class of 2012