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Training Specialist (Language Testing and Training) at Peace Corps

Training Specialist (Language Testing and Training) at Peace Corps

Peace Corps is seeking a Language Testing Specialist. Please see the
detailed position description below. Those interested in applying
should complete the full application online through Peace Corps' online
job application website:

Position Number: D10253

Peace Corps job vacancies may also be accessed from this page:

Introductory Statement: This position is located in the Training Unit
within the Office for Overseas Programming and Training Support (OPATS).
The position reports to the Washington DC headquarters of the Peace
Corps. The purpose of OPATS is to build capacity of field staff through
training that will help staff better support Volunteers. Training is
designed and delivered to improve post staff performance and competence.
The Peace Corps language program focuses on providing guidelines,
concepts and techniques for conducting training, integrating language
and cross-cultural training and managing a training and certification
program for measuring individual proficiency and the overall
effectiveness of language training at Posts. The incumbent will: oversee
the agency's language proficiency testing program using the American
Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) scale; oversee the
collection and evaluation of language testing results; and support other
language training initiatives. The incumbent will report to the
Supervisor of the Training Unit. Note: Position requires 25% overseas

MDAs and Duties for this Position

Educational and/or Vocational Testing and Evaluation 40%
o Plans, evaluates, delivers, and oversees the delivery of the
agency's language proficiency testing program for Volunteers who learn a
language as part of their assignment. Develops policy in coordination
with OPATS and the Inter-America/Pacific, Africa, Eastern Europe,
Mediterranean and Asia regions and provides technical guidance on
language testing and its relationship to language training and the Peace
Corps mission.
o Serves as authoritative consultant and troubleshooter in the
planning, development, and evaluation of experimental programs,
resulting in new or modified educational or vocational testing or
evaluation techniques and initiatives. Oversees and coordinates all
aspects of tester training workshops worldwide by cooperating with the
regions and posts to schedule, implement and evaluate tester training.
Monitors reliability of testing at posts by overseeing in-country
self-checks, and examining test interview samples, tester certification
and renewal of certification. Researches and implements innovative
technological initiatives relevant to language testing appropriate for
Peace Corps posts and relevant to Peace Corps' mission. Maintains a pool
of qualified tester training contractors to conduct tester training in
the field. Conducts periodic review of tester training as it occurs in
the field.
o Regularly reviews and revises tester training materials, including
paper manuals and tape recorded materials to ensure that materials are
appropriate, culturally sensitive and reflective of Peace Corps'
initiatives in language testing and tester training.

Tasks include:
* Leads the development of methodologies, policies, and
procedures for administering new testing programs and products.
* Provides technical assistance in the development of new or
expanded language testing or language education programs, in areas such
as program design, content and evaluation.
* Develops and implements annual strategic plan for language
testing program.
* Recruits, screens, orients, coordinates, provides technical
guidance to, and monitors and evaluates language tester training

Tests and Measurements 30%
o Monitors and establishes guidelines and policy for measuring
achievement of instructional objectives for major training initiatives.
o Serves as the primary source for coordinating, monitoring and
reporting language testing of Volunteers worldwide.
o Monitors the effectiveness of language training evaluators by
listening to taped interviews.
o Monitors the effectiveness of language training programs by
collecting and analyzing the scores received by Volunteers on
their language proficiency tests.
o Participates in the evaluation of PCV training by promoting
continuous assessment of language training activities in order to
determine those training models which are most effective in achieving
programmatic goals.

Tasks include:
* Leads the development of methodologies, policies, and
procedures for administering testing programs and products.
* Provides technical assistance in the development of new or
expanded language testing or language education programs.
* Advises on the development of experimental language testing
* Responds to internal and external requests for language
testing and language tester training data and analysis.

Training Course Delivery 30%
o Serves as technical expert in broad, complex subject areas.
Conducts training-of-trainers workshops and other training activities to
improve field staff abilities in designing and implementing language
testing and training activities.
o Reviews and analyzes language training designs and materials in
response to field requests for assistance. Provides feedback to posts
along with recommendations for training improvements.

Tasks include:
* Participates in the planning, design, and delivery of
training-of-trainers workshops that support the development of a strong
tester and tester trainer cohort at Peace Corps posts.
* Keeps current in the field on instructional design and
informational technology and assesses and implements appropriate
technological developments.

Required Qualifications and Experience
* Substantial experience as a competency-based language tester
with a major language testing instrument such as ACTFL OPI or ILR OPI
* MA in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Language Assessment,
or Teaching English or other languages as a Second/Foreign Language

Desired Qualifications and Experience
* Certified ACTFL OPI tester
* Certified ACTFL OPI tester trainer
* Experience training language instructors to conduct language
proficiency tests, ideally speaking tests.
* Experience designing and facilitating teacher education or
professional development, ideally in international contexts.
* Experience teaching second or foreign languages, ideally in
international settings.
* Ability to travel internationally.

Ruth Goode
Language Training Specialist * Overseas Programming and Training
Support * Peace Corps
1111 20th Street, NW | Washington, DC 20526 | (: 202.692.2662 | *: