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LLC Summer 2012 Courses for Graduate Students

LLC 750/02: Education, Race & Culture: Politics and Praxis
Dr. Helen Atkinson

This seminar explores the relationship between the work you do everyday as teachers, activists, and researchers, and a wide range of important theoretical perspectives including: current-day US and global politics and education policy, critical pedagogy, sociocultural learning theory, critical race theory, and the challenges of culturally sensitive teaching and action research. The seminar will encourage participants to work together on practical aspects of advancing their own work serving under-resourced schools and communities. Specifically, the class will interrogate the discourses of education (dominant mainstream discourses and counter or oppositional discourses) to do with: accountability and reward systems, individual vs collective teacher and student learning, and the hidden curricula associated with dominant race, culture, and power relations. Participants in this seminar will have the opportunity to form a cohort of supporters to collectively work on reflexive design of research and writing projects, and planning ways to continue to communicate and collaborate as a community of practicing educators and researchers. This hybrid class will meet for the first six weeks on Tuesday evenings from 4:30 to 8:00 pm with the discussion continuing online during the week. The last two weeks students will work collaboratively and on-line on final projects.
Session 1, eight weeks, begins May 29. Tu 4:30-8:00pm

SOCY 606/LLC606: Social Inequality and Social Policy
Dr. Marina Adler (SOCY)

This course examines poverty and inequality in modern society. The focus is on describing the extent of poverty and inequality, examining theories that attempt to explain these phenomena and discussing the policies that have been employed to mitigate them. In addition to class inequality, the course also considers racial and gender inequality.
Session 1, six weeks, begins May 29. TTh 6:00-9:10pm

Permission required for all LLC courses: