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CFP: Moroccan Association of Teachers of English

MATEʼs 33rd Annual Conference - “Gender Issues in Language Teaching” - Marrakech
28th -31st January 2013

MATE is pleased to announce that it will hold its 33rd Annual Conference on
“Gender issues in Language Teaching” in Marrakech from Monday January 28
until Thursday 31, 2013.

Gender issues have been a neglected area in language teaching not only in
Morocco but elsewhere, too. MATE, which has been at the forefront of efforts to
enhance language education in Morocco, realizes the need for all stakeholders in
language education to come together to discuss and debate gender issues such
• Sexist language in the language classroom;
• Gender-neutral language;
• Sexism within textbooks;
• Empowering women through ELT/ELL
• Tales/ jokes as a source of gender stereotypes.

The conference will also be a forum to reflect on practices that aim to promote gender equity in education.

Being keenly aware that (i) gender issues cover such a broad range of social
theory and pedagogical practice and (ii) there is a pressing need for gender related
activities for classroom practice, MATE, one of whose aims is to empower
educators, females and males alike, invites all those interested in language
education and NGOs to contribute towards exploring the theme of the
conference in either English or French or Arabic.

The conference will feature:
Four keynote speeches, one every day
20-minute papers
60-minute workshops
Poster sessions
A book exhibit
Student presentations

Additional Information about submissions to come.