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Multiculturalism: T​he 2012 Global Debat​e

- Call for Applications -

The Cultural Bridges in Germany Conference
“Multiculturalism, the 2012 Global Debate: Strengthening Intercultural Relations through the Arts, Sports, Politics and the Economy”
(Berlin, November 6th - 9th, 2012 - Held parallel to “23rd Anniversary to the fall of the Berlin Wall”)

Contemporary Germany consists of a diverse multicultural landscape of individuals whose origins stem from every continent of the world. These multicultural individuals/communities both live and work together, and as such the question of defining the German identity becomes a major question for the German public at large. In addition, new opportunities and challenges are faced in developing and maintaining international and intercultural relations both within the framework of the EU and internationally. On a global level, the question of multiculturalism is a growing issue and will be a main world focus for the next generations. Western countries are engaging with Multiculturalism policies on a significant basis and are continually amending and reinventing to fit the policies to an ever changing world.

The ICD recognizes the opportunity for Cultural Diplomacy to serve as a bridge between people of different cultures. The 2012 Cultural Bridges in Germany Conference will therefore focus on the potential for Cultural Diplomacy to further promote and strengthen multicultural relations both in Germany and worldwide. The application of these new practices of multicultural dialogue and exchange will be analyzed during the Conference and will offer a wide diversity of perspectives on the issue of cultural bridges in Germany and internationally. The Conference will consist of a series of simultaneous sessions of lectures, panel discussions, interactive roundtable discussions, seminars, group visits, excursion and cultural activities.

The Conference will be held parallel to the “23rd Anniversary to the fall of the Berlin Wall” and the participants will be able to participate in the official ceremony and events which will be a unique opportunity to learn more about the history and contemporary context of German unity.