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Call for Book Chapters: Multiliteracies in Foreign Language Education

(Thinking/Doing) Multiliteracies in Foreign Language Education
Yuri Kumagai (Smith College), Ana Lopez-Sanchez (Haverford College), and Sujane Wu (Smith College)

The editors welcome chapter proposals that address any aspect of the design, implementation, and assessment of pedagogical practices associated with a multiliteracies-based framework in the Foreign Language collegiate context. The papers may respond to one of the following prompts:
- Discussions of principles for the articulation of curricula that are commensurate with a multiliteracies approach (i.e. meaning-based). Critical evaluations of existing literacy-oriented curricula are particularly welcomed.
- Proposals for literacy-based curricula for particular levels of the FL programs in specific languages. The curriculum may use, as organizing principles, the pedagogical components proposed by the New London Group (i.e. ''Situated Practice,'' ''Overt Instruction,'' ''Critical Framing,'' ''Transformed Practice,'' or the notion of ''Design'' and its related constructs). If the curriculum has been fully implemented, post-course critical reflections by instructors and/or learners are highly encouraged.
- Discussions of the implementation of specific practices, including class projects, inspired by multiliteracies' theoretical principles. The chapter should delineate the concrete steps and procedures taken, the outcome of the project, and implications for further development of similar projects.
- Discussions of issues related to assessment, including evaluations of courses that were designed following a multiliteracies model, and proposals for alternative assessment practices that can adequately measure learning in multiliteracies-based classes.

Submission procedures:
FL researchers and practitioners who have implemented or are interested in implementing a multiliteracies framework in a foreign language classroom are invited to submit a 500-word abstract clearly explaining the goals of the proposed chapter. Submissions should include a short bio about the author(s), and should be mailed electronically in Microsoft Word Format on or before November 25, 2012. Proposals and inquiries should be sent to Yuri Kumagai <>. Authors will be notified of acceptance by December 15, 2012. Submission of full chapters is expected by June 30, 2013.