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LLC Presentation at the Boston College, Diversity Challenge 2012

LLC students Heidi Faust, Rachel Carter and Shawntay Stocks presented at the Boston College Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture: Diversity Challenge 2012. They presented a workshop entitled: Surfacing and Understanding Racial Microaggressions and Structural Violence in Educational Contexts.

Workshop description:
What are the subtle forms of racial violence that occur in educational institutions an show can they be disrupted? This workshop explores racial microaggressions and forms of structural violence that occur when race remains unexamined in educational systems and institutions. It applies current research to educational contexts to provide more culturally competent, socially and psychologically safe teaching and learning environments for both students and staff of color. Participants will explore types of racial microaggressions and structural violence, as well as the presumptions of privilege that reproduce systems of oppression (Cullinan, 1999). This interactive workshop surfaces subtle forms of racial violence through scenarios and dialog. Participants will focus on recognizing and disrupting various forms of racial violence at their respective institutions.