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Seeking Spanish native speakers for research study

The University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language (CASL) is seeking participants who speak Spanish as a native language for a language research study.

Suitable participants must have a working proficiency of English, meaning that they can talk with native speakers of English about themselves and their family, job and other familiar topics and can understand most conversations in English except when the speech is very fast.

We are contacting local educational institutions to inquire about potential sources of such participants.

Participants would be asked to:
1. Complete the Versant Pro English Speaking Test via phone at their convenience (30 minutes);
2. Participate in a research session (3?4 hours) where they will answer questions about their language background, and complete the following:
a. a self-rating questionnaire on their English listening abilities,
b. a listening comprehension test, and
c. a memory test.

The research session will take place at a location that is mutually convenient for the participant and the people running the research study. Participants will receive $95 for their time.

Do you know where we might find suitable participants, or can you refer us to someone who does? Any assistance that you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

The CASL Listening Research Team
Sarah Wayland, Lelyn Saner, Amber Bloomfield, Kassandra Gynther, Stephen O’Connell, and Debra Kramasz