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Emerald Christopher at 2013 NWSA Conference

LLC student, Emerald Christopher, will be presenting three papers at the 2013 NWSA Conference.

Her paper, “The Problem that Has No Name: Black Women and Marital Gender Role,” examines how past universalisms in the feminist community impress themselves upon current feminist ideology and how Black women in heterosexual marriages are often held to these universalisms without an examination of the cultural, social and political aspects that shape their lived experiences.

Her paper, “Regressive, Transgressive, or Progressive: The Sexualization and Fetishization of the Intellectual Woman on Television,” examines how television shows such as Scandal, Body of Evidence, and Bones have lead female characters portrayed as lawyers, doctors, and scientists. However, under the guise of progression, these shows continue to participate in the social construction of gender. The paper explores how women in lead roles on television embody the visible and invisible reproduction of heterosexism, racism, and classism.

Her paper, “The Use of Animals in the Maintenance and Control of Black Women's Sexuality,” explores the historic and contemporary portrayals of the Black woman’s body paying specific attention to the ways in which Black women visually and linguistically are compared to animals. The paper examines how the historic images of Black women elucidates current portrayals of Black women as animals, among animals or depicted as animals in popular culture.