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2 cool job opportunities at Prometheus Radio Project in Philly!

Posted on March 27, 2008 3:24 PM |Permalink |Comments (0)

Two Jobs Available at the Prometheus Radio Project!

The Prometheus Radio Project is hiring for two permanent full time jobs
-- a Station Support Organizer and a Campaign Director. Please read the
email below for short descriptions of our organization, of the jobs, and
for details on what you'll need to send us to apply. Full job
descriptions can be found on our website: Send all materials to jobs @ with the appropriate job mentioned in the subject

We suffered an email problem over the past month, and if you sent an
application for the Campaign Director or another job to info (at), we didn't receive it! Please resend your full
application to jobs (at) -- if you haven't heard
back from us, that's why. Our apologies! For instructions on
unsubscribing from our email lists, please check the bottom of this

The Prometheus Radio Project is a grassroots organization that works to
expand and protect community radio stations, and to promote a more
democratic and accountable media in the United States and around the
world. From Black Panther-led community centers in Tanzania to
farmworker groups in Oregon, we help groups build their own radio
stations as tools for their vital social justice organizing.

Every day, we advocate for these groups and their stations, help them
organize with allies near and far for their rights, and work with them
to keep their stations thriving and to help leaders teach new radio
pioneers the skills needed to own your own media. We help community
groups navigate the Federal Communications Commission and the radio
licensing process, and we provide technical assistance to groups
building radio stations. We also advocate in Congress and at the FCC to
protect community radio, and we actively participate in the broader
campaign for a better media. We are tireless in our fight to make
community radio stations and other appropriate technologies available to
every neighborhood, every city, every town that needs them.

Campaign Director

This person will communicate with the leaders of the media reform and
media justice movement, with community radio stations, and with social
movements working to build a just country and a just world. In concert
with these people and groups, the Campaign Director will design and
conduct campaigns to expand community media and keep corporate media
accountable in the United States and around the world.

From creating tools to help people file comments at the FCC, to
executing legislative campaigns and organizing workshop tours, to
working with the entire Prometheus collective to plan the strategic
future of the organization and its role in community radio, this person
will have an opportunity to lead strong and successful efforts to put
media in the hands of communities who need it.

As a part of a collective-run organization, this person will have the
opportunity to help build systems which ensure the sustainability of
the organization and the movement of which it is a part, and to
participate in the shared political education of a very beautiful
group of people.

Responsibilities include:

- Public speaking

- Community and grassroots organizing in small groups and with large

- Building coalitions with the ability to win policy battles and gains
for affected groups

- Crafting communications for supporters, community media, and
corporate media outlets

- Representing Prometheus or community radio goals in local, national,
and international coalitions

- Leading and managing the time and tasks of designated volunteers and

- Serving as a mentor/liason between interns, volunteers and staff

Station Support Organizer

This new position at Prometheus Radio Project will be responsible for
maintaining the relationships with the thousands of people that
contact Prometheus in their quest to build a radio station, and the
hundreds of groups that rely on Prometheus for advice and connection
to the community radio movement. You will also be responsible for
outreach that will build community radio capacity in social justice
movements. You will be the primary point of contact for people who
seek support from our work -- demystifying technology and the political
system so that community's can take back their airwaves!

The Station Support Organizer will be responsible for maintaining
reliable information usable by Community Radio stations to answer
their legal, engineering, governance and related problems.

Responsibilities include:

- Managing incoming requests by integrating them into Prometheus'
operation. This involves providing information in response to basic
requests, connecting people with appropriate legislative and
regulatory campaign leaders, and directing people to appropriate
support among the Prometheus staff

- Helping to strengthen the community radio movement by designing and
managing outreach campaigns and organizing and promoting events that
raise awareness and spread knowledge across the US on the power of
participatory radio

- Spearheading the creation of collaborative tools which low power and
other participatory stations can use to share their knowledge and

- Implementing methods to assess the needs of the communities we work
with and make recommendations to Prometheus on we can better serve
these communities

- Helping Prometheus' sustainability by identifying potential
candidates for our more in-depth engineering services and integrating
stations and station hopefuls into our fundraising efforts;

These jobs are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we cannot
currently consider telecommuters. Prometheus is an egalitarian office,
where all take part in decision-making and all full-time staff earn
equal hourly pay. We currently pay eleven dollars per hour, up to 40
hours per week. The pay may increase in time if we are successful in
fundraising. We offer full medical and dental coverage.

Everyone takes a turn mopping the floor and taking out the trash.
Hours are flexible; there are no clocks to punch, and there is no one
breathing down your neck to manage your time. However, you are
responsible for getting results and serving our goal of empowering
social movements through ownership and control of community media
outlets. This means we all work very hard and occasionally work long
hours; especially during events and barnraisings, we engage in intense
commitments for weeks at a time. Our office is located in West
Philadelphia, in the community center basement of the Calvary
Methodist Church. Be ready to smell delicious cooking, hear the shouts
of children learning martial arts, people singing gospel, or holding a
self-help meeting.

Everyone from every kind of background is welcome to apply -- don't be

To apply, send a resume, cover letter, and two writing samples and
references to:
jobs (at) prometheusradio (dot) org

Include "Campaign Director Job Applicant" or "Station Support Organizer
Job Applicant " in the subject line. Deadline for all applications is
now April 11th, though we will keep this call open until we feel we
have found the right persons for the positions.

Our web site -- -- can tell you more
about us! You can watch videos of our amazing community building radio
stations and much more here -- .

To stop receiving emails from us, please email with 'remove' in the subject line -- and
thanks for your patience -- we do this all by hand.


hannah sassaman

building radio stations = awesome

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