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Legacy: Then and Now

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyerhoff dreamed along with Dr. Freeman Hrabowski of developing a pool of talented minority scientists and engineers that would provide a diverse impact on the world's scientific community.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Hrabowski, Susan Boyer, Don Pearman and I were making plans for the first nineteen Meyerhoff Scholars, the M1s. Today LaMont Toliver, the Meyerhoff staff, faculty members, current Meyerhoff students, Meyerhoff alumni and the Meyerhoff Parents Association make up the more than 300 people who are helping select the 60-member Meyerhoff class of 2013, the M21s.

Today we have more than 600 Meyerhoff Alumni, 53 Ph.D.s, 21 M.D./Ph.D.s, 74 M.D.s, 115 M.S. degrees and 250 currently enrolled in graduate and professional schools. What an amazing accomplishment!

What is your Dream for the Meyerhoff Scholars Program? Let me know what you see Meyerhoff alumni doing tomorrow.

Posted by Earnestine Baker on April 21, 2009 12:40 PM |

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