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Congratulations to the New Leadership of the Alumni Advisory Board

The Meyerhoff Alumni Advisory Board hosted their first nomination and election process this past Spring. Congratulations to the 2009-2010 Alumni Advisory Board of the Chapter of Meyerhoff Alumni.

President, Raymond Onley, M4
Vice President, Mawuli Dzirasa, M7
Secretary, Vondell Coleman, M4
Treasurer, Donna Person, M7
Parliamentarian, John Foster, M11
Historian, Tanisha Hall, M6
M1 Rep, Michael Haywood
M3 rep, Angelique Blanding
M4 Rep, Delayne Johnson
M5 Rep, Jason McCullers
M6 Rep, Jennifer Plummer
M7 Rep, Camelia Owens
M8 Rep, Alexandra Harryman
M9 Rep, Mileka Gilbert
M10 Rep, Lauren (Battle) Wills
M11 Rep, Tiffani Bright
M12 Rep, Richard Shoge
M13 Rep, Seth Miller
M14 Rep, Michael Aaron
M15 Rep, Candace Mainor
M16 Rep, Shayla Shorter
M17 Rep , Latey Jones

To learn more about the advisory board, click here.

Posted by Stanyell Bruce on June 17, 2009 2:39 PM |

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